Monday, March 10, 2008

You all are nuts!

LOL Most of you are jealous of the snow...but I gotta tell ya..You are nuts! LOL

Come and get it if you want it...I'll happily give it to you for free!!! Lord knows we have enough of it.

It has started melting a little bit, but it is still pretty deep, not to mention our brainiacs wonderful plow guys leaving mounds of snow at the end of the driveway and along the edge of the roads. I know they have nowhere to put it...but wow...did it leave for a pain going to work this morning. And...cheers to the morons those who order salt...who knew we would get a snow storm this winter...I mean, this is Ohio for goodness sakes! We should be basking in weather in 80's by now, shouldnt we?? (for those of you who are not aware of the seasonal dynamics of Ohio...that was extreme sarcasm).

Then I pulled into work...someone needs to fire the company they hired to plow our parking lot!!! They plowed all of the snow down the one side of the parking lot. Well that would be ok, but there are only 2 lanes of one full lane of parking was GONE! Except for the lazies those who own massive pick up trucks, who seemed to just drive over the mound of snow (2 feet or more higher)so that they could park as close to the door as they could.

On a different note...about 1:30 AM last brat beautiful wonderful child decided to wake up and play...I tried everything to try to get her back to sleep, which I accomplished, right after my alarm clock went off the first time. Sooooo I was up from approx 1:30 AM until 5:30AM, and then up every 9minutes after until 6:15 AM. WHAT THE HECK??? So when I do get her up at 7...she whines and cries and explains to me how the lack of sleep will affect her socializing skills at daycare today.(Ok I made that last part up...she is 2 for goodness sakes! But I know that she would tell me that). So I take her to daycare, through the next town..where the moron person short ordered the salt for this child slept all the way there...Lucky her! Immediatly upon dropping her off...I apologized to her teacher...and turned around and walked away.

THankfully she is asleep by 8 tonight..but yet I'm still up....FOR THE LOVE OF GOD....WHYYYYYYYYYYYY???????

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