Sunday, March 09, 2008

Layouts In The Snow

Ok..the layout isnt IN the should have read, Layouts AND the snow..but the title caught your attention faster didnt it? I mean...I could see someone going, "What in the world is a layout in the snow?".
Anyways..I decided to change my layout, but I still gotta figure out how to make column widths wider. I dont know which part of the html to change, but I didnt look that hard yet. (I hate that you cant see Sunrise's slide show over there! Ughh I'll figure it out tomorrow(that inevetible word..tomorrow).

Here are a few photos of what the snow over the last 24 hours has done. Im not sure if this shows exactly how deep it is...I think at this point it has gotten to 14-16".

Ok, so the last photo wasnt of the snow, but how could I not put a picture up of that beautiful girl! Well Im off to try and figure out changing the widths...Someone make me go to bed!!!


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