Sunday, March 16, 2008

Super Mom and Crisis Diverted!

I think I have finally got this mom thing down. I learned how to fool my 2 year old, and I am darned proud of it! So darned proud that this happened Friday afternoon...and I have been thinking about it for 2 days! LOL

I stopped at the grocery store real quick before picking up Sunrise on Friday, and got her favorite...grapes! When I get to daycare, she was crabby...I think it is PMS her final teeth coming in...So I get her out to the car as she whines the whole way out, and I start to pull out and decided I couldnt handle this whining all the way home. So I pull out the bag of grapes and give her 3. (Of course..usually I wash the grapes..but one time isnt going to kill her right?) This isnt the crisis...The crisis comes about 3 or 4 servings in, and she drops one beside her. OF course Im driving and can not reach my arm back there to retrieve the lost grape. So it hit me suddenly..>FOOL THE CHILD. So I reach quickly into the bag of grapes..and grab one quickly(at a stop light of course), and pretend to reach beside her and produce the piece of produce, which she simply smiled and said...thank you.

Ahhhhhhh crises diverted!



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