Thursday, April 03, 2008

Bathroom habits of the exhausted

Remember when you were a kid and was just getting over the wetting the bed stage?(Humor me and tell me you remember..because otherwise I will think that I was in my teens before I quit wetting the bed since I remember it) I remember the dreams I would have.

My dream would go something like this...I'm at Cedar Point or any other fun place like that...riding the Gemini(which was THE ride back then...ohhh how things have changed)...and I get off. Only to discover that I gotta pee REALLLLLLLLLL I run off to the clean(ha!)bathrooms. I pull down my pants as I struggle and just let it all flow!

(On a side note..why is it that closer in proximity to the bathroom the worse you have to go?? Which is real bad when you have a belt on...or worse a snow suit..>I mean you gotta go before..and just a mild sense you gotta go, but the closer you end up dancing in front of the toilet trying to get your jeans unbuttoned).

I this point you wake up from your dream..realizing you are not at Cedar Point or any other fun place, but in your bed in your cozy pjs..with your bear!(Remember we are kids in this memory)laying in a bed soaked with urine. ARGGGHHHHHHH.....

This leads me to my thought today. Am I the only freak one who has to go to the bathroom during the day and as you sit there totally and utterly relieved suddenly fear that you are really asleep as in previously mentioned dream, and are afraid you are going to wake up in your bed soaked?? Or am I just weird that way?

Things that make you go hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm....(Yeah I know..but I was thinking about it at work...and thought "I gotta blog this because people are going to laugh"). LOL

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