Saturday, March 29, 2008


There is a movie coming out called Stop Loss. This movie is so important for me to see. From what I can see from the previews it is a little like my brothers story.

My brother was 5 months from being discharged from the Army, when they told him he was stop loss and would not be able to leave because he was going to Iraq. I can not tell you the emotions that happen to a family who has a loved one in Iraq...but things turned real scarey on May 13, 2005. I remember the day so well, because my mom came to pick me up for my graduation from the University, and the first words out of her mouth were "There has been an accident..but David is ok..we just don't know the extent of his injuries yet". Apparently they got a call early that morning. My dad answered the phone...and the first words he heard were "Hello Sir, this is Sgt SoandSo from the US ARMY, first your son is ok. But there was an attack on his humvee and he was slightly injured". They couldnt really say the extent of his injuries at that point, but they assured us that he would call sometime that day.

Well as you can imagine, during graduation the last thing on my mind was walking across the stage. My mom told me that she had her phone on vibrate, and would have to leave the auditorium if it rang from dad, when my brother called..which of course, was fine by me. I needed to know right away if he was ok. When they did the National Anthem...tears welled up in my eyes. My dad called my mom during the ceremony and said that my brother had called, and he would call in a few hours to talk to my mom directly. He was fine, there was concern for a concussion, he had scrapes, bruises, and a couple of cuts...but he would be fine.

When my mom dropped me off to go home and wait for his call..she left with specific instructions, to tell him HAD to call me. If he didnt want to call me about the attack..he could at least call and congratulate me(can we say guilt tripping him into calling me? LOL). I waited around for several hours...until he finally called. It turned out he was in a humvee, sitting behind the driver when their humvee was hit by a car bomb. One of his good friends was killed, another one had a horrible laceration in his head, and the other had damage to his leg. My brother came out with the least amount of damage. My brother and the others worked hard to put out the fire that was all over the guy that died..but unfortunatly it killed him before it was out.

This is what it looked like after...he is standing beside the driver door, he was sitting behind the driver.

David & Humvee

I don't know why I felt it necessary to share...but I am truly and honestly proud of my little brother and all that he has done for our country.

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