Monday, May 26, 2008

I'll be kinda missing

Last night I spent 6 hours in ER AGAIN. (Did I ever mention I have a ton of health issues?)

This is the THIRD time in a year I have had pneumonia. Luckily it wasnt like last summer when I had to spend 8 days in the hospital...with 4 of them in the ICU step down unit.

I went last night just to get a breathing treatment...and ended up sitting there on antibiotics, steriods and vicodin for 5 hours. Not to mention my BP was 200/115 when arrived...which started a whole other set of tests...EKG, constant heart and bp measuring...etc. Along with 9..yes NINE vials of blood tests and sitting on a bedpan so they can get a urine sample without making me get up....AND xrays of course.

Anyways..though I am feeling MUCH better today besides the lack of sleep...I need to catch up on studying and papers. Which I think is why I got so run down in the first I may need to take a week off...we will see how this weeks goes with studying the skeltal system of the body..and how well it sticks. But for tonight...I must study for my skin and membrane tests.

I will try to keep up on reading blogs...but dont count on it. Ohhhhh and doodlemoms...I am goin to check in on the board tonight...but may not visit until thursday or so.


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