Thursday, May 22, 2008

Quck update on school...

I know you all have been dying on how school is going....Muhahahahaha LOL

So figured I'd do a real quick update.

1st we had a class that only lasted one was student success seminar which had some work and a paper attached to it. I am proud to say that I got an A...Not just any A...I got a perfect score! Before you are wasn't hard to get a perfect score...LOL

Second Medical Terminology...nothing going on in there yet except I have over 200 words and abbreviations to learn in the next 5 weeks...

And third and final..UGHHHH Anatomy and Physiology. Who created this subject and why are they trying to torture us?? LOL It wouldnt be that bad...but remember we have a whole semester(16 weeks) of work stuffed into 8 weeks. Also, I am not going into details because I got my ass ripped over at about this subject...but there are many distracting people in this class(and not in a good way either!). We have had two tests...and both I have walked out with an 88. Solid B+. I am not happy with this...I have a goal of straight A's damnit!!!!

So...I only get to get online here and there and sporatically(mostly when I am at work) I get a little lost on many things, unless it has to do with chemistry,cells, skin, membranes, and the skeleton(next week muscles!....YAY!! LOL). Yes I have learned all about all these things in hmmmm 2-1/2 weeks. I mean ALL about these subjects...not just glancing over the material either. For instance....those 88's I got on my tests...yeah..the average score of the class was a 48 & I have been busting my ass studying.

And now Im off to memorize the layers of epidermas and the difference between them...UGHHHHHH, and if I really feel like it..I may go over membranes a little more too. (BTW did you know that Jello is made of hooves of cows and horses and other things that you dont wanna know...check it out on snopes if you don't believe me)

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