Monday, May 26, 2008

I know I said I wouldnt be posting..

but this is bothering me in a way.

I have only touched on how mean my sister is...She makes comments about how at least her baby knows his daddy, or you are stupid...or any other little thing she can jab at. She has even gone as far as demanding the crib that I borrowed for Sunrise back because she needed it NOW!(Sunrise was 4 months old..her son...4 years old). So I took it down that night and gave it back to her(she was still living her at the time) stayed torn down..and to the best of my knowledge has not been used ever since(though she will be probably using it in a few months, if she hasnt sold it). I had to go out and buy a cheap crib to replace the one she lent me. She has only lent me 2 items...the crib and the baby car seat...and the first chance I could give that back I did...just so I knew it wasnt hanging over me. I do not know how many times I have babysat my nephew because she wanted to go out...or because she had stuff to do...Id say around 20 or 30(these are situations where it has been non emergencies). I asked her to baby sit ONE...Yes ONE time overnight so I could go to a party..and I knew that if I drank too much I could just stay at my friends house that was having the party and not have to worry about it...Ummm that ONE babysit(a total of 12 hours) cost me 30 dollars!

She has verbally, emotionally and physically(my mom) abused my family...yet over and over i have done things for her when she has asked (watch her son for a little while, fix her computer, help her with this...or help her with that...borrow this or borrow that)...Well the last time she said some very mean things about Sunrises lack of a "baby daddy", and other mean things...I told her flat out..."Do NOT ask me for another thing...just remember that".(Of course...I mean this in the way where it isnt something serious).

This weekend...while laying in bed all day on Saturday on my death bed, she asked my mom if she could borrow my PSP program...then she left. Mom asked me, and I glared at my mom.(not glarring at my mom...but glarring at my sister through my mom...which my mom understood). My mom stated that she had given her a computer and they were having the internet hooked up at her house and thank god she wouldnt be around much anymore(yes my mom said thank god)....I looked at my mom and said "No...she can not have it...she does not NEED it...and I told her NOTHING more"...Mom said she understood(and she does, because the whole family is starting to get to this point). mom approached me about some non essentials but good to have things for her baby coming in August. I told my mom...ABSOLUTELY not! I will sell them before I give them to her(a swing...and other toys). My mom said that she understood..but my mom wanted to buy them from me. She was going to buy some of this stuff at a garage sale...but knew how bad I needed the money(damn gas prices!) and she did want to give the money to me instead of some stranger...for things, which look like I will not use ever again, if I do it wont be for a few years when I have extra money to buy new....I told my mom that I guess...But now I feel terrible for my mom paying for them(my parents are not poor...and have extra cash to throw to things like this used). But I just can not stand the idea of giving these items to my sister.

Then after her and I discuss this some...she said my sister's friend is having a girl...and asked if Id give her friend the girl clothes that Sunrise has grown out of...UGHHHH I told my mom no. She(my mom) is not going to be buying anything for this baby there is no need for me to give clothes to this person who I hardly know..that is friends with my sister who is extremely horrible to me and my family. I plan on having a garage sale.

Am I such a bad person?

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