Thursday, May 29, 2008


Even the word makes me sick to my stomach.

I am not about politics and I never will be. No, it has nothing to do with the fact that I don't care...It has nothing to do with that I want change and things to get better....and it has nothing to do with whether I believe the war in Iraq is going on too long, or should have not gone at all. It has to do with the fact that I dont believe.

I dont believe in the political mind. I will not endure listening to the words come out of the candidates mouths at all their stops along the way in America...I may start to listen a little in the beginning and at the end..and catch a few things here and there in the news, but that is it! You know why??? I DONT BELIEVE THEM! I have to make my decision based on what the believe..not what they promise.

They try to make you believe that they are going to change the prices of gas, the war in Iraq, the economy, or even their own underwear....but until you see it...You can not believe it. Period. And it isnt that you can not believe it because they are dishonest...but I think many of them are just so misguided in their belief that when they open that door to the White House they are king of the world...But alas...they are not. Strongly influenticial yes...but can they do everything they promise?? Absolutely not.

You have to remember that in order for anything to come down the line whether it is from bills, budget cuts and increases, spending, or whether the White House should be painted a horrible shade of chartreuse(although in my opinion...chartreuse is a horrible color all together...but ya know...personal opinion...) it MUST go through Congress. That is right...promise me a dollar..but unless Congress says isnt going to happen! And to be honest and play both sides to this...Congress can not do anything without Presidential say so....Checks and balances.

Now...another reason I dont believe what I hear from the candidates is because not only are they really limited on what they CAN do, that they promise they will do....but as outsiders(with the exception of congressional people trying to become President...or a President trying to get reelected), there are not privy to information that the President has access to. Though even those candidates who do spend time in Congress...I dont believe that many have ALL the information either.

Which leads to one other point...American citizens have a right to expression..and I am truly glad for that(so dont pound me down in comments..cuz I can express too! LOL :P). But I feel that often times many people get up in arms about stuff that they just dont know. FOR INSTANCE...(example only...don't attack me)...The Iraq war...many people are protesting that we should not be there...that we have no right there...that we need to leave NOW....This is great and I am glad that people are using their freedom of expression, but do we really know everything?? My stand on it...I dont know! If I knew what the real, right answer was...I'd be God..not Dawn.

My brother who served in Iraq During 05 and was almost killed in a car explosion hitting his humvee, but his friend did die. You can read about it here if you didnt see it before... You would think that when he got out he would be all about getting out of Iraq...Though he did not want to go back...he feels that the US leaving Iraq out of the blue right now would be the biggest mistake to do. And I knew exactly where he was going with this..and he did...Because if we leave things undone(which I THINK is what Obama wants to do(also, I do not know what exactly everyone else wants to do)..but I could be wrong..), basically pull out and bring everyone home...we will be returning for another WAR a few years down the road as the insurgents become more in numbers again. There would be a HUGE civil war..with many more casualties as some of the operations we are still carrying out now. This is a matter of opinion..but since my brother was there..and he experienced it...I believe he has a better understand then me, who has never been there. Im not saying he is right or wrong...but I respect it. But I must regress....

The main point to this whole flippin post is....Just because someone promises you a change that you like the sound of...does not mean he/she can actually make that change happen. They may be able to encourage it..but when it comes down to it..I feel that the members in Congress have more say and pull then does the President. I think the more important things is HOW they want to get the change...HOW they are going to convince congress to approve what he/she wants to do...and most importantly....what he/she wants to do that would help in getting us out of Iraq and just freaking to admit to everyone that though some of the information is still not available to them...but based on what they know....they want to do this or that.

OK Let the beatings begin.



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