Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Maybe there is a God

As I haven't made it very quiet, how I have a lot of bitterness towards God, or the existence of God...Today, as I read through my blogs I sit here weeping tears of joy, and the realization that maybe there is a God after all.

Not too long ago I wrote a post about little Nate. As I wrote that post, my heart just ached so bad for him and his family. I cried as I posted my post then...and now I sit here crying again, with this post, but in a totally different way.

Little Nate does NOT have SMA! SMA has a very poor prognosis when it is shown at such an early age. Unfortunately, it leads to death before 2 years of age. Amber and her family has received the blood work back and it shows NORMAL! And all of the functions that he had lost, are starting to return. Please go over to her site and celebrate with her!

Please continue though to keep him and their family in your heart and prayers...because there are still issues that they need to find what is causing them.

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