Wednesday, November 05, 2008

A beer...or Five

Yesterday our Micro class was canceled after we got to school because our instructor lost her voice. I almost escaped the grasp of the hands of classmates...but they caught me and forced asked me if I wanted to go have a drink with them.  My answer was...No, I have to go home and study, and play with my daughter. Ok, I think I can go for ONE beer.

We walk into the Mexican restaurant and I order a beer.  The ONE beer I was going to drink.....after about the 3rd round...I called my mom and asked her to pick up Sunrise.  She proceeded to take advantage of my buzz and nag complain to me about a situation that arose the other day, involving a Mac. (Don't wasn't pretty). I told her "Mom...STOP you are ruining my buzz" and she said she knows...that I deserve it(Laughing of course). the poor guy, that was sitting beside us, was on lunch break from Fred Martin...We are sorry you had to hear our stories about vibrators, sex, and other perverted stuff...but ya know what?? You know you enjoyed it! I saw that smile tucked behind the frown! :)

Next thing I knew...they were dragging inviting me to another bar. "Um guys...I really gotta get home. I told mom an hour ago that it was only one more round"  I said..."Ok"

So at 8:30 I arrived home...from having ONE beer...or five.  (Did I mention that we got to the restaurant around 1:30?

Amazingly I only spent 5.00 all day, and...I didn't have a hang over this morning.  Maybe it had to do with my head in the toilet before I passed out.

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