Tuesday, March 03, 2009

I'm Really Beginning To Hate Facebook...

I posted about an ex boyfriend who found me on Facebook and keeps me thinking about him. Then I posted about the people on Facebook that I went to school with who didn't know I was alive in school, but suddenly are real friendly....

The exboyfriend...apparently deleted himself. Kinda relieved...but still... (I wonder if he saw my blog..hmmm..)

The people from high school that it kinda bothered me that they were so nice to me, well I am over it.  It is what it is...and it was 20 years ago.  Whatever.

Now...there was a guy who I went to church with in high school.  We were really good friends, and he had a huge crush on me.  He never admitted it until the other night, but I knew then.  He was a great guy..just not what I wanted in a guy.  He was rough around the edges.  He was angry at the world it seemed, but he was still a friend.  I found him on Facebook.  I had always wondered what happened to him, and I would periodically search for him on various means, but I finally ran across him.  We have been talking a lot and I have found, he is still rough around the edges, and kind of annoying.  Now that I know he is still alive, I kind of wonder whether I should have found him in the first place.  Ah well...what can you do?

Facebook can be a good thing, but I wonder if it isnt a great thing like I originally thought. 


By the way, truck driver and I went to the casino over the weekend.  Umm he lost a grand. (I should say we, because I gambled with his money)...but I got to play blackjack for the first time in my life.  Kinda fun!

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