Sunday, June 07, 2009

Things 3 year olds shouldn't say...or me for that matter.

Today, Brooke said something to me that 3 year olds should not say.  This is also something I say often, that I SWORE I'd never say to my child when I was younger.

Me: Brooke...are you ready for bed?

Brooke: No mommy.

Me: Why not?

Brooke: Because

Me: Because?  Why arent you ready for bed?

Brooke: Because I said so.

WTF????  It is just like nails going down a chalkboard when she says this because that means something I swore I'd never being thrown back in my face.


Another gem...Don't criticize me..because this USED to work...

Me:  Let's go inside Brooke.

Brooke:  I don't want to mommy.

Me: Mommy's going to cry...(btw..why do we always refer to ourselves in third person?)

Brooke:  Go ahead.

WTF??? When did my child become so insensitive. LOL


Me: Brooke GO TO BED! (the way I say it sometimes makes her cry..)

After she is done crying and lying in bed...

Brooke: Mommy, I'll be nice now.

Me: Ok honey...Go to sleep. I love you.

Brooke: Mommy, I'm sorry now.

Me:  Ok honey, I love you, now go to sleep.

Brooke: Mommy, can I give you a hug?

Me: Yes honey...I love you.

Ok...I'll wait for you all to say "Awwwwwwwwwwww". 

The next morning....

Brooke: Mommy, are you still mad?

Me: No honey. I love you. (She wasn't suppose to remember that!)



Here are some shorts of things that were said to us in class by our instructor...and my response.  And yes I said this stuff out loud .

Instructor: Personalities are pretty concrete. This means that a 2 year old's personality will probably never change.

Me: Good God....I'm in trouble.


Instructor: (teaching on Bipolar disorder)  Many people with bipolar are very impulsive in their manic phase. For instance, they will be less choosey on who they have sex with.

Me: Well...I guess that goes to prove I am not bipolar, since I am not having any sex.(someone tell me why I admitted that in front of my whole class?)


While discussing advanced directives, and how if you don't have advanced directives..the next of kin is automatically given the responsibility.

Me: So if you are saying that next of kin gets the responsibility that would be my parents, and I am ok with that, because they are very rational.

Instructor: Do you have any brother's and sisters?

Me: I have one of each.

Instructor: Well..there is a possibility that they could fight for that right to make the calls.

Me: Hmmm well I better get one written ASAP then because my sister would be fighting to pull the plug even if there is a 99% possibility that I could recover! In fact, she probably would be begging to do the deed!


I often come out with quips in class...most of the time I get a laugh, but I bet I drive some of the other students nuts. lol



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