Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Geesh...who knows my child best?

I really hate that fact that some medical practioners think they know my child better than I do.  Case in point, the PEDIATRIC dentist I took Brooke to last week.  I really kind of wait for redemption this Thursday when we go back.

First a little back story....a year and a half ago Brooke threw one of her major fits at daycare and it resulted in this....



In case you can't tell her top tooth was knocked clear up into her gums.  The dentist (a different one) said he would be surprised if it lasted but it has.  When I took her to this dentist, she was very cooperative, despite that the "accident" had just occurred a couple of hours before. When we went for the follow ups, she sat for xrays, opened her mouth, and let the dentist poke around and look at the damage for awhile. She had to be in some severe pain, so the latest excuse this new dentist gave is bullshit.

Lately, whenever Brooke eats anything real sweet, she complained of a toothache.  Now, she NEVER complains any other time, just when she eats something sweet.  So I had to take her to the dentist.  We went to a different dentist because the first dentist didn't take her insurance, and I had to pay things out of pocket, so this time...I am not able to do that.

We go into this dentist who is suppose to specialize in kids, so I'm thinking...GREAT! They will understand a 3 year old's temperament and be able to deal with her.  We walked into the room where they do xrays and Brooke has a breakdown.  Not just a breakdown but a full blown out...NO WAY IN HELL am I sitting in that chair for xrays breakdown.  I tried to hold her, nope, I tried to talk calmly to her, nope...She just was not having it. So the dental hygienist decided there was no way we were getting xrays.  So off we went to the next room where the dentist chair was.  I sat down in the chair expecting to hold her, and she made it clear...NO WAY IN HELL am I sitting in that chair mom, not even on your lap!  Eventually we wrestled her down for the dentist to get a millisecond peak in her mouth as she screamed in defiance.  Now the child is scared, and I understand that.  This was a strange place.  I was very apologetic and explained that she was always cooperative with the dentist and doctors...and in no way did I expect her to do this before they even got her mouth open.

The dentist proceeds to tell me that it was because my child was in pain and that she was going to probably need to have some teeth pulled, and that would require sedation.  However, the doctor that does sedation has a 2 month waiting list.  But we want to bring her back to get the xrays next week after round of antibiotics and pain relief.  She will be fine once the swelling is down and there is no pain, because that is why she is throwing a fit.  Ummm hello....I know my child.  She is not letting you poke in her mouth because YOU just aren't friendly to kids.  She wasn't calm talking, didn't try to explain to Brooke what was going to happen(not that she would really understand, but it would give her some indication that the dentist was nice), NOR did she give Brooke anything to play with like the other dentist gave her some bubblegum smelling gloves to play with. Oh yeah...she says to Brooke after she calms down..."Brooke do your teeth hurt?" and Brooke said yes.  When we get into the car...I said to Brooke, "Brooke do your teeth hurt..." Her answer??? NO.  She told this dentist what she wanted the dentist to hear so she'd leave her mouth alone!

So after she told me I was wrong, that she was just in pain, because there is no way it was her problem, she had me schedule another appointment this week...just for her to say... "well I can't get xrays or a look so we will have to schedule another appointment"...because I just have all the time in the world!

Who wants to put $50 on the fact that Brooke will not be cooperative Thursday when we go back???

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