Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Lower Class=Lower Class???

First let me clear something up. I am capable of beating a sailor in a cussing contest if I wanted to. Having said that, I try not to swear in front of Sunrise...and in front of strangers who might find it offensive. I, also, do not swear a string of words. I might say shit...or damnit...mild in alot of people's eyes. So, I guess you can say...I care! LOL

Well yesterday I am sitting in the drive thru of Mr. Heros. I was on the way home from work and this drive thru sits right in front of the projects. I pull up to the speaker and I can hear screaming from the car in front of me. Screaming the foulist nastiest language imaginable...Not to mention it was in very ebonics. I heard "bitch ass hoes" "damn" "shit" and every other word....As I am sitting there, ticked because I have to hear this language, I see this little hand pop up in the back seat holding a sippy cup! These people are cussing and swearing and carrying on in front of a child! How wrong is that?

Am I just being too sensitive? Or is the norm?

It got me to wonder...Being that Im willing to bet that these people came from the projects there(their car turned into the projects from the restaurant), does that give them a right to have lower standards in life? Dont get me wrong, I do not look down on people who receive government assistance...WHEN NEEDED...but since when did a requirement of receiving government assistance include being rude?

I currently work for an organization that helps people find and retain jobs. Part of our program includes a program that is like a work experience program for those on welfare. Same thing comes out of there. We were on break and one of the work experience people comes out and starts complaining out tired they were working. She only works 5 hours a day!!! Come on!!

I guess Im just frustrated. I wish I had no morals and attitude to sit on the system and get paid for nothing.

NOW before someone freaks out....This does not pertain to those that NEED the system. Like those that are on disability for REAL disabilities...those who have a family and lost their job, and is working actively to find another one...Or like in my case...those who work, but just need a little help for the extras. Yes, I am "on the system". However, I get health insurance...that is it. In a world like today...you have to have health insurance. I work...I take care of my child..and Im trying to start a new business...all without the help of a sperm donor.

I get so sick of how people act today. I cant believe what the schools have come to. It sickens me to hear of the weapons, the drugs, and the teachers sleeping with students. I have decided that I will be homeschooling Sunrise if it kills me!

Where is the respect? Where is the please and thank yous? Where are the concerned parents? Where do these kids learn this stuff?

UGHHHHHHH I just realized I heard the same things when I was growing up! Now I feel old!

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