Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Another shooting!

Well today in Cleveland another kid lost his mind and started shooting at the school. I guess the kid was a picked on kid, and got suspended the day before for fighting.

I can relate in someways to a kid getting picked on at school, but while going to school I never once thought about doing something violent. I goes to show you the state of this world we live in. The kid ended up committing suicide...luckily(and I know this sounds bad) but he was the only one killed.

Anyways back on to other subjects.

I really should start to carry a notepad with me at all times so I can remember everything I want to blog about..but alas..I don't. I know there were several times the last few days I said"Ohhhhh I need to put that in my blog!" Can I remember a single one of them?? Uhhhhh NO!

I want to say something. I kinda feel bad about some of my language I use/d in my blogs. First I hope I don't offend any of my friends, and second..I'm sorry, but I do sometimes use umm let's say colorful words.

It's hard to blog right now because I'm watching Jeff Dunham. If you haven't seen him, keep an eye out on Comedy Central for him. HILARIOUS! He does ventriloquism(sp?). I just cant help but laugh my tail off.

Here is something he just said..."If you choke a smurf, what color does it turn?" LOL Then his dummy named Walter says "Choke a smurf? Is that what they call it now?" LOL

Sunrise has started repeating words! I'm so excited! She would only try to repeat words that were easy...such as GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, MOMMMMMMMAAAAAAAAA(which means I'm changing my name from Momma to something she doesn't, Noooooooooooo, and Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. But the last two days she has said juice...ummm well it came out like zeussssssss...and cookie is ackie. Though..she did get Ucky down pretty good! LOL

My child seems to get a kick out of pooping in her diaper! I say Ucky! And says UCKKYYYYYYY and laughs her full head off!

I have to give props to my little girl. She brushed her teeth tonight and actually did a good job!

Ohhhhh I remember what I wanted to post about. For some strange reason this weekend I started watching The Hills. What the heck is up with this show?? Where the heck does this kids get the money they spend. I know they get about 10,000 a show, but come on. They go to clubs 8 nights a week! They have nice apartments! And drive awesome cars. Now from what I read that the apartments that Lauren and Heidi Audrina live in is in an area that the apartments run about 4,000 a month. Now if you do the math...they would have to be in debt! Especially since they get the top of the line clothing. According to the producers they do not know how Lauren affords the apartment and clothes, but there is some speculation that her parents are loaded. I don't know...I never watched before this season.(Is it sad that I watch this show? LOL).

My name is Dawn and I am a tv addict! We have 3 DVR's in my house..and tonight I have them all recording. On one is 'Til Death and Pushing Daisies at 9, Private Practice, On the other is Kid Nation, Kitchen Nightmares, and the other Bionic Woman(I am going checking that out tonight).

Meantime the DVR in my room has about 6 hours of shows I need to watch yet like House, Reaper, and all of the Monday night ABC line up. Two and a half men...etc.(this does not include several Blue's Clues for Sunrise) I have been spoiled with the DVR. I can not stand commercials anymore so I just record everything and fast forward.

Speaking of, I better get to watching them! I am going to Mechanics this weekend, and I don't want anything to get erased because of lack of space....So for now....Ciao

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Blogger oh amanda said...

I didn't hear about the shooting. It's so sad!


Isn't fun to hear our dbs start talking? I love it! Lydia repeats things like "Hmmmmm" with the exact inflection I have! So funny.

10/12/2007 1:29 PM  

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