Saturday, October 06, 2007

My mom rocks but....

she just doesnt get it. But I think that is what grandparents are about. I have decided not to teach Brooke about certain things, until she starts to understand a little better the term "It's time to stop". Granted she probably will never accept that term, but she will understand it.

Two days ago mom was doing dishes. She pulls a stool over for Sunrise to stand on and "help" her. (More like slamming her hand in the water to see if the water can reach to the ceiling). Well she let her play a little while longer after the dishes were done and said that it was time to stop.(Remember that term from the paragraph above) Sunrise lowered herself onto the floor (she used to drop to the floor, but she learned that that can hurt the noggin)and screamed and screamed and pulled her "Im not going to breathe" tactic...all which do not work with us. THEN...two days later(I was dealing with a stomach bug)she does dishes again. Sunrise demands asks to "help" again. Grandma is tired and just wants to get it done so she says no....AGAIN...down to the floor and screams for 20 minutes!

Ok...maybe you want to call me a bad mom..but I do not like to teach Sunrise about different things until I have to. For instance...pop(or soda for some of you). Grandpa seems to think that Sunrise needs to have it. Now she needs wants it all the time. UGHHHHH. The kid does not need all that sugar or caffeine. Though in his offense, it is usually non caffeine pop...but still.

Oh well..I guess that is what grandparents are for....


Blogger oh amanda said...

That IS exactly what parents are for. When Lydia sees candy at the grocery store she says, "Papa!"

10/06/2007 3:11 PM  

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