Tuesday, January 29, 2008

A few things...to ponder

First...thanks to Anonymous who said that the song was Angel's Lullaby. I did find a song of similar name which was by Richard Marx..(remember him? The one with the big hair and the dreamy voice?).

I am looking for a camera. SLR type. Preferably refurbished so that I can learn how to use them. I have always been jealous of my friend Amber who takes BEAUTIFUL photos. See her blog! She has a business too, check it out. If you are in your area, I suggest maybe checking into having photos done by her.

I am working on ideas for a giveaway...I'll have more information later. I need to do some reading but it sounds like there is a ton of giveaways going on. I will send you the link later.

UPDATE THE NEXT DAY: I purchased a camera. I think I have the word "SUCKER" tattooed across my forehead. I walked into the camera store to look at a camera that I called about earlier in the day. They had a used Minolta Maxxum 5000 for 130, including 50mm lens. I get there...She told me that I needed the filter for the lens...22.00, of course I need the flash..25...and a bag...25...Ohhhh and film! 11.00(4+1 rolls 24 exposure 400), 230 dollars later...I walked out with my new camera, and kicking myself for buying a bunch of other stuff! LOL

Now to learn how to use it!


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