Sunday, March 16, 2008

Clean Sweep Help Me!!

You know that show on TLC(I think)called Clean Sweep?

I need them...BAD. Last week I decided I was going to clean out my bedroom and move EVERYTHING to my storage unit. I figured I better get it done now before school starts. This way, every little thing in my room would consist of my and Sunrises few odds and ends that I need. Well I started it.

After about 2 hours of sorting, I have many one box of things to go to storage. ONE! I have over 50 computer and business books in my room from my schooling previously, and the business I was going to start...I just know that a book on HTML will be needed for one of my nursing classes right? Or a book on Java, or a book on Computer repairs.

Or worse...I need those half empty bottles of lotion that I havent used in years months. Plus if I put them in storage, they will freeze and be no good for those days when I just want to smell like a bowl of fruit. Or how about those clothes that are 2 sizes smaller?? I know that I will have less time to eat junk food while Im in school, so I will need those when I lose all this weight, right?

How about all those little tubs they give you at the hospital. I have like 4 of them. Too small to put anything in, but you never know when those will come in handy.

What about the M&M dispensers that my mom gave me for 3 years straight at Christmas...Sunrise would love to play with those, wont she? I mean she has so very little toys now(yeah right).

And I'll get to organizing the stack of recipes, interesting articles I clipped, or web pages I printed. I'll eventually have time to sort through those during my 2 week summer break wont I?

And then there is the can of pop that I never drank when I was in the hospital having Sunrise. They gave it to me shortly before I left, but never drank. That might come in handy when I need my caffeine fix. Cant get rid of that.

Well ya know my storage unit is quite packed...hmmm I dont think I will have room for all this stuff. Maybe I should just keep it here. I think that would be the best, after just never know.

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