Sunday, March 16, 2008


One of my BIGGEST pet peeves is people who stop in the way of everything. For instance, you are walking in a crowded mall, and a group of morons people run into people they know. Do they step off to the side and converse and catch up?? NOoooooooooooooooooo...they stand right in the way! There is nowhere to walk...I get so annoyed and in a loud voice(though Id really like to scream)I say "EXCUSE ME".

Well...I went to the car show a few weeks ago in Cleveland with truck driver. As we are walking out, a group of elderly farts are standing in front of the exit. Of course, I say in a loud annoyed voice EXCUSE ME. And the ladies split off from the guys and continue to walk out through the exit. Now this would have been ok, but right in the exit where there is absolutely NO WHERE to walk at all, the ladies stop to give each other a kiss goodbye(ya loving sisters). They STOP STOP STOP! WHAT THE HECK?? Again, in my same annoyed voice EXCUSE ME. And they continued in their stopped stance and look at me like Im asking them to give me all their money. UGHHHH.

One other thing...what is it with parents and their kids at these shows. I dont know how many kids(12 or 13) were sitting in the cars. Not just sitting in the cars, but seat belts strapped and pretending to take a joy ride. Where are their poor excuse for parents? I mean really. I dont mind a kid getting in for a second to check out the cars, but to sit in them for a while.

I wasnt there to really look at cars to purchase, I was just doing my day dreaming again about the future, but also, I plan on doing alot of research before I make my purchase in 2 years. Id like to get some ideas...and I didnt sit in any cars, except for a few and that was only for a minute, to check it out.

Am I only one of a few people in this world who think about other people?

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