Saturday, September 06, 2008

Views versus attacks

Something happened today on a message board I read that really ticked me off. I was going to wait until tomorrow to post, but the whole post is running around and around in my head, and I hope it reads as damned good as it sounds in my mind. LOL

I am sick and tired of personal attacks on people based on what they believe. I mean really...if you don't agree, than don't agree, state your beliefs...try to convince me all you want...but personal attacks are just wrong.  This does not go just with me..but with anyone; public or private.

For instance, I know that many people do not care for Dr. Phil.  I happen to love him, don't agree with some things..but in general I think he is right on.  There are people in the world, who would just flat out attack him because they don't agree with him.

Another example that is on the headlines now...The wonderfully fun political races.  For the record, I do not care for either of the candidates. I plan on voting for Mickey Mouse in fact.  ( a side note..I will say, that I think it is pretty cool that there is a woman in it) I don't agree with many things both candidates say they plan on doing...but I am not going to sit here and call them names and say horrible things about them.  You may think that Palin doesn't need to be in office because of her family "issues", but you shouldn't attack her as a person.

Where am I going with all this?? The view that many people think about single moms, but most importantly single moms (actually parents...not to leave the single dad out of the situation)that get aid from the government. 

DISCLAIMER:  I know that there are many people who abuse the system..OH how I know..but this is not talking about them.

A little background:  I read a message board quite a bit that often has many personal attacks on people(If you are reading is NOT the board I met you one on the message board I am speaking of even know I have a blog).  A few weeks ago a discussion was started regarding United Health Care. The actually thread was not started to discuss on whether it was a good idea or not, but someone asking about certain ramifications of UHC, but it started in a VERY heated debate on whether it is a good idea or not.  I was enjoying many of the posts seeing both sides with the exceptions of a few very boisterous and obnoxious people who started to attack those candidates that support or oppose it...then it started on attacks of people receiving government assisted health care(ie. Medicaid).  One person made the following statement that totally repulsed me:

"A 30 year old single woman who doesn't make enough to support herself sure shouldn't be getting pregnant. Her lack of personal responsibility doesn't entitle her to anything, in my mind, except maybe a 2nd job.
Pregnancy isn't some disease she catches off of a dirty commode seat."

To me this comment showed the lack of intelligence this person has.  As a single woman(ok..not 30..but 35 when I got pregnant), I should not be denied help because of a choice that was made, whether it was the right one or not.

This person was trying to say it was not his responsibility to pay taxes to help support anyone else.  Well..let me tell you this.  I worked for 15 years, 10 of these I was making well above poverty(this was of course BEFORE my daughter).  I paid my share of taxes. When I went back into the workforce, I realized that I needed a better job...then I found out I was pregnant.  So instead of trying for a job that would pay not enough to support me and my daughter(as a starting could have led to a more lucrative position), I decided I needed to do something NOW.  So I decided to go back to school and in order to do that, I went back to school...I know when I get out of school, there are TONS of jobs that will pay me enough to start supporting my daughter and me immediately without any help from government agencies, but until I finish school I require the assistance of the government to help me(not to mention help from my parents..etc).

Then someone suggested that she went to school with 2 kids when she was single, plus worked a full time job in order to provide insurance for her kids...and now that she is married, she works to help provide insurance, and after that and daycare...she is left with $50 a week. People should use family, charities and friends to help, not the government.  I wanted to write back to her and say.."Ya know...if you can do it...GREAT!  But you aren't me.  $50 a week is not going to make it for 2 people.  You may have 50 left but what does your DH have left over...I am willing to bet more than you will admit".

Many people believe that everyone getting assistance are living off of it for no reason other than being lazy.  WTH?  YES it is abused...YES it is not good...YES something needs to happen, but why must you attack others because you just don't understand where they come from?

I am a firm believer in walk a mile in someone elses shoes before you make rash is a shame that many people do not do this.

Does this post make sense??  Because it sure did in my mind..and now I'm questioning whether it was as good as I thought! LOL

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