Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I have some of the best readers

You all are awesome! I just wanted to say that.

First littlemansmom posted a virtual birthday cake on her site for my birthday(thanks sweets!) and then you all came through with suggestions about my little nurse man in class. Thanks!

Not to mention some first time readers over the last few posts! How cool is that??!! Im so excited everyone! BTW...those that have blogs, I promise to get to them.

As far as nurse man...Actually I am terrible because there are 8 or 9 guys in my class, I know the names of 2 of them, but not HIS! UGHHH!! So...I cant email him. I will be leaving for a conference before I really get a chance to talk to him Friday(after the test first thing), however, have no fear because I will be in school 4 days a week starting Nov. 3th...and I know he will be there at least 2 of those days(based on the classes he should be taking)...so I will be a little casually talkative to him, if I dont get a chance to chit chat with him Friday before class. BTW...Im using the conference to have an excuse to go to class dressed to the nines! Muhahahahaha.

Oh yeah...if MsSingleMamma will answer her danged direct message tweet! We are hoping to get together for breakfast Saturday morning while Im in her area! Im so excited! I think she is the shit!

Finally...last night...I have a couple of blog posts rolling through my head...hopefully I will be able to get them out tonight when I get home from work.(At work now...). I am so pumped at everyone's responses...I just HAVE to post now :)

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