Wednesday, October 08, 2008


Have you ever had one of those nightmares where you are sobbing in your sleep? Where you wake felt like you have had the biggest cry you have ever had? No? LIAR! LOL I am on Effexor which one of the side effects can be dreams...and the dreams are doooozies. Ugh.

Last I fell asleep with Sunrise in my arms(she is going through the stage where she wants to sleep with me all the time now)...I drifted off to dreamland. I must add that I was edited the following photos earlier in the evening(putting off studying..of course). My dream was of me and my mom in a very crowded mall. We had Sunrise with us and she was being a good girl. My mom was in charge of watching her because I was on a mission of some sort. As we are walking outside of ABC store(I dont know remember what the name of the store was)I looked down and noticed Sunrise was GONE! My mom and I freaked (Of course)...for some reason we ran into ABC store..and there at the dressing room was a weird thing. It was one of those dressing rooms with half a door, where you can see heads but not the rest of the body. There were 2 women in there...the one woman was dressing hurridly, but the other lady looked stressed. I opened the door and found Sunrise standing there with the other lady putting many layers of clothes on her. I called out for security...they aparently were right in the area and they took the lady into custody. She could not speak very good english...but there she was..trying to disquise my angel to take her away. Of course the sobs start now...just a relief and freaking out. I sat on the floor and hugged Sunrise...then I hugged a box of Sunrise's that contained some of her belongings. I woke up...grabbed onto my child and held her tight ...for the rest of the night.

This nightmare was all because of this photo:


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