Monday, October 06, 2008

Conversation with a 2 year old

Last night Sunrise got into my bed to sleep. When I turned off the tv and told her time to go to sleep...she starts asking me questions.

Sunrise: Honey?(in case you are 2 year old calls me honey and mommy..sometimes even DawnThat is a whole other post).

Me: Yes Sunrise?(I'm tired..lemme sleep child)

Sunrise: Is G your friend?(yes..she starts asking me if her classmates are my friend...)
Me: Yes honey
Sunrise: Is E your friend?
Me: Yes honey
Sunrise: Is A your friend?(BTW..this is all in her and I understand it)
Me: Yes honey
Sunrise: Is K your friend(this is her I decided to throw her a curve ball..and I picked her teacher because if she should remember, which she probably wont, I'll have time to
Me: No
Sunrise: K not your friend? Why not?
Me: Im kidding Sunrise...she is my friend
Sunrise: Oh ok...(She turns over and goes to sleep)

Apparently it is very important to her that I be friends with everyone she is in school with.

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