Sunday, December 27, 2009


Well it is 3:00 and I just caught up on reading blogs. Unfortunately, my reader doesn't go back more than 30 days apparently, but that is ok...I'll catch up when I need to if I don't understand something. I wasn't able to comment on everyone's..I just am not in the swing of this anymore..but I'll get there eventually.

It has been interesting, reading about other single mom's new or old relationships, new jobs,  new parenting issues, and new situations in life.

My heart goes out to all of them...and how I missed them all so much.  I am glad to be able to find time again for myself, even if it is in the middle of the night while Brooke sleeps behind me.

In the meantime, a few things you didn't know was going on.

Remember in my Hell froze over post(ok..nevermind, I guess I never wrote that post, it was in July) little brother got married...yeah, well they have split.  I probably shouldn't get into details, but I kinda understand what has happened, though I think they are splitting a little too fast, or at least planning on doing it permanently a little too fast, but what can you do.

Brooke had her last day at daycare last week. I sobbed. I will tell that story in another post, because I really feel it needs a post all to it's own. I have made decisions that are going to affect our lives for the next few months while I wait on taking boards.

I really have a lot I want to talk about, so I am going to keep my Live writer open on my computer when it is on, so I can just jump into a post when I feel inspired, but until then, I should get some sleep.


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