Thursday, July 16, 2009

It's That time again...

Time for the old PMS to kick least that is what I hope.  Started feeling really down today that I have noone to bitch to, then I thought "Hey...those that do read my blog...I'll bitch to them. "  Aren't you the lucky ones?? LOL

Just a couple of things that I need to get off my chest.

1. I am beginning to really think I have something wrong with me health wise, but I won't go see a doctor unless the symptoms are objective so I sit here scared. I don't want to go to the doctor and tell them the things that I have going wrong, because I have an intense fear that I won't be believed.  This goes back to my childhood when I used to overexaggerate certain pains to get attention.  I stopped this years ago when it finally hit me that it wasn't the attention I wanted to get.  I mostly stopped doing this around 7th or 8th grade, but now I FEAR being thought of as trying to get attention since the Monster stripped all sense of my thought processes away from me. Some of the subjective(symptoms that can not be seen by someone else. This is opposed to objective when can be observed by others, such as vital signs, etc) symptoms I have are forgetfulness, tiredness, short dizzy spells, lack of concentration, irritableness (this one could be the PMS), some other vague things...but the biggest one that scared me is the other day the fingers on my left hand fell asleep for no reason for about 5 minutes. All these things together..make me real nervous. First, I was in the hospital about 2 weeks ago for pneumonia/exasperation of asthma for about 5 days...and second, I have 2 cousins with MS. Maybe I sound like a hypochondriac, but I sure don't feel like one about this stuff.  It is no secret that I have bad health issues...but I so don't want to go and complain to the doctor about this stuff to be told it is probably nothing, yet, I also do not want to go through a bunch of tests to be told it is nothing, because THEN it WILL look like I am trying to get attention. It is an exhaustive circle!

2. People in my class are driving me INSANE! It just seems that they choose to distract me.  Now, I know they aren't choosing to do it, but they do. I have catageroized them...

We have:
Chatty Cathys-  Sometimes they talk about the subject at hand, maybe someone is asking their neighbor for clarification or whatever, but it is right in the middle of the instructor talking, and often explaining it further...then to REALLY piss me off...the people that were talking, will ask a question that the instructor had said while they were talking!  This often reminds me of something I had heard in Psych nursing.  It was a recording of what it sounds like to someone with Schizophrenia..and the voices in their heads.

Three Hole Punch Theresas-reorganize their notebooks AND 3 hole punch while the instructor is talking...(this happened tonight by someone that normally doesn't do it...Click...CLUNK....CLICK....CLUNK...SHUFFLE...CLUNK

Heidi Highlight-Some people will highlight their power point slides with 6 different colors (for different things I guess...but I don't understand that, because I'd be concentrating too much on which color I should be using instead of what is being said..but whatever works for them)...this would not bother me but they take the lid the lid back on...set it down(not drop it, but certainly not lay it down quietly)...pick up the next the lid off it back on...set it down...Now if it it was here and there...then that would be one thing, but I think they highlight EVERYTHING so that it fits into their color it is LITERALLY  Over and OVER again...constantly. Now in their for some reason instead of stewing over it like I normally do...I said something to the Heidi Highlight and Three Hole Punch Theresa and they actually acknowledged my pain...but the one girl that normally does the hole punching and reorganizing

Better Than You Betty-Who feels that she knows it all, and knows why you are having problems, and will tell you what you are doing wrong in your studies.  She will even tell you that she doesn't care if the 75% of the people like a movie, song, television show...that movie, song, television show is terrible!  As if she is the authority on what is good and what is bad.  She even told me that my whole problem with studying is using outside sources to help clarify things for myself.

Cold Cates-Who may or may not be included in any of the other groups.  These are the girls who feel that the room is always...FREEZING.  What I would like to say to the Cates in the world..."I know you know that I have breathing problems at times, that is often exasperated by heat, and I know that you know that there are several of us older women in the class who get hot real bad...but it is much easier for you to put a sweater/jacket/or hoodie on then it is for me to take my clothes off.  Ok actually it may or may not be easier...but trust me don't wanna see this body naked. Please do not turn up the heat.  What's that?  You 'd don't want to put a sweater on because it is summer??  Well guess what...I don't wanna show my tits to you at all"

Anal Retentive Annie- who is constantly shuffling through her book, her notes, and anything else she has to find reference to what the teacher is talking about.  Let's not mention the post it tabs she puts on every book..during class for each chapter. (All color coordinated and lined up JUST so)

Then Finally...the worse offender of making me wanna pull out a 3 inch 3 ring binder and clobbering someone with Know It All Nelly...This girl has something to say about EVERYTHING.  All during clinical she commented on everything, and often things that had nothing to do with anything.  I was on my last straw...and when I saw the end in sight yesterday that I was finally getting away from her for a few days...I made the mistake of making a comment.  What comment could I possibly say that I thought was "safe" that Know It All Nelly would not have anything to say anything about it you might ask?.... It was... "Over by that yellow truck is where most of us are parked."  To which she replied... "Is that your yellow truck Josh??  My son LOVES yellow trucks...Everytime he is sees a yellow truck he says blah blah blah(at this point I had an aneurysm and didn’t hear the rest she had to say" cares in the world to anyone but themself.  Now I could get anal and say that those that sit there and text constantly during class distract me some too...but, I think that is CERTAINLY mostly my pettiness because the texting isn't really that loud or distracting, it is just all the movement. 

Having bitched about all these people makes me feel better...I know none of them are meaning bad to me..but I have to bitch to you get it :)


Yes..these are the people that I enjoy in my day to day life at school....and the things that annoy the hell out of me...During PMS.

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