Tuesday, March 25, 2008


I guess I should blog about our Easter, since everyone else has so I can remember the day. For the record, I certainly am not whining, because I'm ok with our day, it isn't like there was drama, or anything like that..it just was a day.

Unfortunatly, our day did not seem like anything special. I envy all of you that did the typical fun things for Easter, but we really didn't do much. This will change in the next few years, because I have plans for Easters to come.

Our Easter seemed like just another day with the exception of too much candy! It probably would have been more "traditional" if my mom didn't have to work, because she seems to be more the person that likes to do things. With just Sunrise and I, willing to do "Easter type" things..it was slightly difficult. I probably would have done more, but Sunrise, just wasn't into it. My brother and dad..certainly would just rather sit in their rooms staring at the tv...just relaxing(besides..Sunday is the only day off my dad ever has)

For instance, I set up her Easter basket in the middle of the floor with a few outfits spread all around, in the middle of her play area, thinking that it would get her attention. We got up and came into the room...she looked at the basket and walked right past!

She saw the plastic eggs that I "hid" for her..and through the day, she would get one..shake it and feel that there was something in it. She would bring it over to me, and ask me to open it. Id open it and pretend it was a huge surprise that there were 2 Hershey kisses in there...she'd grab them..and run off. Returning in 15 minutes with chocolate dripping down a smile on her face. She come across another one..and start all over again. I learned from this experience to put some stickers in some of the eggs..or something like that from now on. She is still finding eggs 2 days later and demanding the chocolate in it. LOL I swear this kid has been on a sugar high for 3 days. Now, after 3 days..I think she has found them all..so I have a secret stash of chocolate to hand her every now and then so she can scarf them down at least enjoy them throughout the year.

My plans for next year..or the year after(I'm not sure how well it will go off next year, so we will see)is to do an actual hunt for eggs. My mom used to do this for many years as I was growing up..and I think it is the coolest thing. She would put the first egg out in the open with a rhyming clue to where the next egg was..then so on and so on...Then the final egg would be found with the Easter basket. Over the years, I caught on, that the basket would always end up in the dryer! So as I got older, I would bypass the hunt and go directly to the dryer. Usually I would do this before my parents woke up...so I would do the "hunt" after they got up to humor them..knowing what my basket looked like at the end of the hunt. LOL

I guess I do kinda feel bad that I didnt do the actual fun stuff at Easter, but I swear...from now on, I am going to make the holidays fun and exciting! Im just going to have to learn how..and plan ahead!

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