Saturday, March 22, 2008

What a wonderful princess!

Usually around 7ish every night, Sunrise starts turning into her alter ego, unless she didn't get her nap..then it is earlier. She becomes a monster cranky child. Sometimes it takes all I have to keep her up long enough, so she doesn't go to sleep and wake up a few hours later in the middle of the night.

I put her into bed..and she will usually just lay there. If I leave the room...for hours...I go in to check on her..and I hear this little small voice in the dark saying "nigh nigh..uv you". So..the monster cranky child, becomes a very loving child, and I ask myself..why in the world, did I think it was bedtime. On occasion she will cry and want up..but that is usually when she is way past the point of exhaustion.

Well not tonight..

Around 7..I waited for the witching hour to beginning. Nothing...she was running around...dancing to Bubbies..(for those of you non parents...that is Teletubbies in toddler speak). So I decided OK, well it is Friday, and if she goes to bed late I can sleep in I don't have to worry about trying to drag her out of bed in the morning to get ready for daycare..

8:00 comes around..and she comes up to me and gives me one of her random kisses(gotta love those random kisses)..and trots off. I said to myself "Self"(that is what I call myself) "'s only 8..I she can sleep in tomorrow."

9:00 comes I am searching through the on demand channels for Boobah and Teletubbies...cuz this means I get to sleep in she is having fun..and being a wonderful child. Why ruin her fun now?

Now I'm thinking also, that papaw will be home soon...and she just LOVESSSSSS while she is having fun..she might as well stay up longer so I can sleep in she can see papaw!

I do have to admit that I got enjoyment thinking about sleeping in watching her dance around..and laugh..and babbling chatting with me. She,ok and I, was having fun!

Finally about 10:00 she whined a little bit, after she yawned..and I decided it was time. She went into her bed, laid there for about 20 minutes..and she was out cold.

It was just so much fun watching her tonight dancing around..and exercising.

Sooooo she was asleep by 10:30..and I went to bed so I could get more sleep..since I get to sleep in stayed up all night to read, comment on blogs, write this and another entry...and chat with my friend Yelonda.Chatting with Yelonda is another whole laughable story...Any of you Doodlebug mom's...ask her about Bill Gates and the bag, see if she tells you...LOL

I guess my sleeping in tomorrow..kinda lost it's point(since it is 2:45 AM)...LOL

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