Friday, March 28, 2008

Are Sex Offender Labelings to strict?

First, this is in NO WAY has anything to do with me, other than the fact that I knew this person 5 years ago..and for some reason I got to thinking about this tonight.

Second, I dont know what I think...Im just curious what others think.

Are the labeling of sex offenders to strict in some cases?

For example..This guy I worked with 5 years ago was labeled a sex offender. When everyone found out at work, everyone freaked out. After all, all that the website said was that his offense was sex with a minor. No other information. I'm sure many people who check the website for their area and see this offender near them...will probably freak.

After doing some research I found out the situation was that he had a birthday..his 18th birthday. For his birthday, his 16 year old girlfriend offered herself to him. Well her mom found out and had charges brought against him(I guess she had issues with him anyways). Now he is labeled a sex offender for the rest of his life. My first thought was, he should have known better...but to be honest he did not have the best of upbringings, which ignorance is no excuse I understand...but then again, he was 18..he should have known better.

If you ask me...both were too young to understand the consequences of their actions. I know when I was 18, sex was a status to other 18 year olds.(Though..for the record I was 20 when I had sex for the first time)

So I wonder if maybe there has to be some other way? I dont know what..but a few ideas are...On the website..stating his age, and the age of his victim at the time of the offense; in certain situations letting this drop off the site after so long; or hmmm something else..I dont know.

I mean think about it...if every single person that had sex with someone in this situation that was not reported...just how long would this list be? Whether you believe in sex before marriage or sex at this young age or happens(no matter how much the parents try to influence otherwise).

Just something I was pondering out of nowhere tonight. What is your thoughts?

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