Friday, March 28, 2008

Everything is up in the air...

First, that great grant program I told you about..On hold.. Apparently my county doesn't just accept schools that approved by the state. Since I have an inside contact from work with the program, they are going to get a hold of the school and try to work with them to getting it approved by the county. I guess this is ok, because I may not get to start..which leads to my next up in the air item...

I may not be able to start school in May as planned. This school is more like a private small school. You can not just schedule classes when they fit in your schedule. You take the classes as a group that you enter with. Don't worry though(not that you all, I am still considered part of this class, but due to some circumstances I may not be able to start with my class. The circumstance is simple though. Since I already have a degree, I have many of the prereqs already complete. They are going to go through everything that everyone has, and try to make it so that they have at least 6 hours so everyone can start together, but it may not be possible. I will find out April 9th. If I dont start May, then I will more than likely start in July. I hope that i can start in May, but I guess Im ok if it starts in July..I'll just work until then, maybe save up some money. Im just getting ansy and want to get going, because then I will actually feel like Im doing something.

And finally the third thing is my whole medical issues...You see, they cant find my gall bladder. The stupid gastro doctor wouldnt do the proper test to see if my duct was being blocked by a gall stone, so here I sit having gall bladder spasms, which can be painful, but they arent terrible. Though several years ago when this whole thing started..I did have to get admitted into the hospital twice. Which kills me because they didnt bother doing anything about it then either, and I noone informed me in the hospital that they could not find I didnt know until my old records were reviewed by the radiologist who did the first ultrasound. Anyways, I think Im just going to deal with the pain..pray that it doesnt get bad. The worse that can happen is that if it is a stone, it will dislodge and end up in my liver...I do not know how serious this is..but I do know that the tell tale sign is that I will be come jaundice. Soooooo keep me in mind...I dont need this while Im in nursing school.

Im off to write more that is going to be slightly painful for me.

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