Saturday, March 29, 2008

I can't wait for picture day...

I was going to take Sunrise to JCPenny to get her photos done, but never got around to it...I really wanted to do it because Id like to get my photo done with her, but it will have to wait until...April 7th Sunrise is getting her picture taken at daycare..and strangely I can not wait! Usually when picture day comes around..for about 3 days before I struggle to find an outfit for her to wear, and settle on something pretty generic, well not this time!

I found the cutest outfit that I am so proud of. It is a red scooter with a small piece of red tulle around the bottom edge, and a white tshirt like shirt with a heart in the middle of the chest that says Love...white tights, and brown mary jane shoes...

I can not get Sunrise to let me do her hair to save my life, but one of her teachers has no problems! I just dont get Anyways..she is going to put her hair up in 2 pig tails for me.

I think this photo is going to be sooooooooooo cute! I cant wait! Ok..I guess you people really dont care about up coming photos..I'll be sure to post it when it gets done though! LOL

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