Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Well..it is done.  I want to thank all of you for your words of advice.

I decided it wasn't a good idea for me to go.  He seems like the type that would fall even more into me if I spent anymore time with him.

So what happened was, I saw the therapist tonight (being seeing one for PTSD, depression and stress)..and we discussed it.  We discussed that regardless of who it is, I am probably better off not dating right now anyways. Soooooooo...Instead of lying, that is what I told him. It is not a good time for me to be dating anyone right now.  I can't afford the extra stress of a relationship on top of Sunrise, and school.  Since school is a major stressor, I should not add to the whole stress of..."Should I go out with him tonight or study for my tests or do my homework".  One added stress I do not need.

Ohhh but all of your comments were very insightful!  I especially like the one that said that I wouldn't find Mr. Right anyways if I was with him.  I so agree..and that was another thing going on in the back of my mind too.

Thanks again! I knew I could count on my bloggy friends. (Or Doogs as MommyPie calls ya!)

Ohhh and by the way...I am soooo far behind again on reading blogs.  I try to get them read daily, but sometimes I cant.  Eventually I do read them, but sometimes, I just don't have the time to comment to everyone. Please know..I hate that I cant but it is so hard some days with all this work!

One last thing and Im off to bed.  Thank you for the awards.  I will get them up, probably this weekend. You people are so good to me!

Take care all...and thanks again.  Talk to you soon!

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