Tuesday, September 09, 2008

I was just being honest...

My mom and I have a habit since the invention of caller ID.  We don't answer the phone unless we know who the number or name is.  This protects us from my bill collectors telemarketers.  I mean...who is really going to answer a call from Market Probe. However, they really need to make it better to show things like "Crazy ex husband who wants you dead", or "another one of your brother's girlfriends"..so that the local calls with no name, will tell us who it is.

My father on the other hand, apparently thinks that Market Probe must have the answers to life's most important questions, so he answers them...all of them.  And he doesn't hesitate to get the person they are asking for on the phone for them. Thank goodness he is usually not home when I am...except for this past Sunday.

We got a call..and to be honest, I am not sure what the caller ID said...and dad answered it.  Now, I use my cell phone as my home number now..so that my calls do not come through the house and bug them.  When he hands me the phone, I know this can't be good.  So I answer....

Me:  Hello?

Lady: Hi this is so and so from the so and so elections.  We were wondering if you have considered who you are voting for yet?

Me:  Yep...Mickey Mouse..I don't like either candidate.

Lady: (obviously caught off guard): Well..I'd like to say that I am voting for Senator Obama and I think he will do great things for our country.

Me(thinking....well duh..that would be why you would vote for him, you wouldn't vote for him if you thought that the world was going to implode if he is elected):  Umm ok

Lady: I would like to encourage you to consider him to be your next president.

Me: We will see.

Lady:  Ok...thank you for your time <CLICK>

Now...at this point I shook my head and thought <sigh>"I hate getting phone calls..especially political ones..since I just LOVE politics(insert eye roll here)".

Wouldn't you know it...Dad had went outside...RINGGGG...So I have to get up from watching cartoons a History channel exclusive to answer. 

Me: Hello?
Lady: Hi this is so and so from some elections.  Is ________insert my mom's name there? 
Me:  No..she is not
Lady:  Thank you.

The way I see it...my mom owes me...big time.

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