Tuesday, September 09, 2008

The World Is Going to End?

I am getting out my sandwich board sign and sitting in the middle of downtown, because many scientists feel that the world is going to end. 

Apparently starting tomorrow, in Sweden I believe, they are going to start up some atom smasher and it will go to the center of the Earth to try and smash an atom.  Now I am not a scientist...but my first thought was, "Um an atom is so tiny that you can not just see one, so how is that going to end the world?"

Well apparently this atom smasher, if it works according to some scientists, will begin eating the world from the inside out.  That just gives me the creeps!  Almost as bad as looking at holey things creep me out(I know..I am weird).

So...tomorrow...I am quitting my job, getting my sandwich board and sitting on the corner.  Wave as you pass by!



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