Saturday, September 27, 2008

School Rudeness

It is sad in society we have a bunch of rude people.  I think 90% of them go to my school. 

It is no secret that I have low tolerance for morons.  I'm ready to blow at school, so ignore me while I rant about the morons in one of my classes.

I currently am taking pharmacology.  This class is shoved in 6 weeks and we need to know this stuff if we do not want to kill someone.  In our class there are Medical Assistant students and Medical billing and coding students.  These two programs tend to draw the less desirables.   Now I posted about this on a message boards for nurses  and I got flamed big time because people felt I was being judgmental..and maybe I am, but it is with cause, though I found out Friday there is one nursing student who fits into that category.

A little history.  My program has it so that you come in with a group of people, and pretty much you stay with that same group through the program(excluding classes that may have transferred, etc). So I have gotten to know the people in my group pretty well.  Well our group was put with another group of nursing students for this class, and a bunch of these undesirables.

First let me say that not ALL of the MA and BC students are like this..many of them are there to learn, but the ones that aren't sure stand out.  They feel it is their right to come and go as they please in class, to be disruptive, and even sometimes answer their cell phones in the middle of class.  9 times out of 10 they are MA BC students.  It is very distracting.  The ones that are there are there because they are forced to be because of the Welfare to work program.  As long as they are in school, they will continue to receive their checks.  So if they don't get a passing grade, they have to retake it, which means they get to be on welfare longer. I know this for a fact, many of them are very open about it.  As a person getting some assistance, and will be getting even more when I quit my job because of school, I can complain without being judgmental. 

The latest one though was a nursing student to my surprise. What makes it worse, it appears she is with our group, and I will have to put up with her until she fails out, and yes she will fail out. At the end of the class we were going over the answers to our homework.  We got down to the last 2 questions and she shouts out..."34 is 1,000 ml, and 35 is 5 ml...We are done, let's go".  I turned around thinking it HAD to be a MA or BC student, but T behind me says "Dawn she was in our orientation...she had all her A&P classes and med term...remember?" Which translate to that she will be joining us for our next term.  After class, those in my group were discussing it.  First, if she is going to rush a class...what is she going to do when she is nursing?? I dont want her to be my nurse!  Then K said that she has been very laid back so far, but soon as we start Nursing Fund 1, she will no longer be laid back, because she doesn't want to kill a person when she starts working.  I agree totally.  Honestly, I hope K does go off on her, because I'll be behind her pumping my fist in the air saying "YEAH! What she said!"  because though I have low tolerance I let things fester, instead of expressing them...but I think this girl is going to change that real fast.

Ok..done with my rant...just thought I would blow off some steam! LOL   Ohhh and btw...the instructor is addressing this.  She stated when the girl said this that she had NOT dismissed class and it will be dismissed when she says it is.  On our class website, she stated that the rules will be gone over again on Friday and the in and out of class and disruptions will NOT be tolerated and people will not be passed if she feels they are not ready to pass meds.  GOOD FOR HER!  First instructor I have had that is standing her ground!

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