Friday, September 26, 2008

Hugs, Hugs and More Hugs!

Ohhhh you all know how busy I have been, I don't need rehash it.  The other day, something happened that energized me.  That is picking up Sunrise from daycare!

You see..I must have been looking pretty bad.  I walked into the daycare and L at the front desk looked at me and said "Wow...are you having a bad day?  I don't mean to sound cruel...but you look exhausted."  I looked at her and laughed and said that school and work were taking a toll on me...I just needed some serious sleep, and she wished me luck getting it, and I proceeded back to Sunrises classroom.

When I go to her classroom, I usually sit and chat with her teacher that is going to do some sitting for me as needed when I start clinicals.  She gives me really interesting information on things she notices about Sunrise, such as the way she colors(she LOVES to color, but funny it is always just circles)...I share with her some amazing things Sunrise has done at home(she knows what yellow and green, and what yellow and red many 2 year olds do you know know this??).  Well we were chatting and Sunrise comes over to me and gives me a hug.  Suddenly, behind her G, her friend since she was 6 weeks old(and I think future husband), decides to come give me a hug...Next thing I knew, E came over and wants a hug....then G again, then E again...I noticed this little girl standing about 5 feet away, just watching as I and the kids laugh.  She had no expression on her face...but she was curious as to what this was all about.  I looked at her with a smile on my face and said " you want a hug too?", she had her finger in her mouth kinda looking down, but never not looking at me...she got a big smile on her face ran towards me and threw her arms around my neck. She pulled back and the next thing I knew all the kids in the classroom were grouped on me for a big a old group hug. 6 2 year olds...a few with snotty noses, all with stuff all over their shirts from lunch or craft time...but I did not care one bit.  Though, my favorite hugs are from Sunrise...the best hug I got that day was from A. 

Today I went to pick Sunrise up...I went into the room, and of course Sunrise ran up to me and gave me her usual hug, but the person running trailing behind her was A.  She wanted her hug from me second.  Of course closely followed behind was the rest of the class...but I didn't care that they knocked me down to give me the hug....It made a great start for the weekend.

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