Friday, January 15, 2010

Wii Fit Plus Kicks My Ass

So I made the traditional resolutions, but I plan on keeping them.

First one is to lose weight, but I do not plan on dieting.  I plan on making changes in my eating, becausing frankly....a diet doesn't work for me.  I have no will power at all, none, nada,, zero, none.  So I am paying attention more to what I buy food wise and what I snack on.  The great thing is that the past few weeks...I have been eating until full, and not buying TOO many snacks that are not good.  What I have been doing is working out with Wii Fit Now you can get away with doing very little on this "game" but I usually choose the rough route, with going easy every couple of days.  I am actually loving it!  The only problem I am having is with ab muscles.  I think between pregnancy, being overweight, and appendectomy all within about 4 months kind of tore up my abs.  I work out for awhile, and I get the HUGE cramp in my stomach half way through that feels like those nasty charlie horses you get in your calf but in my stomach.  I Have to lay on my stomach for about an hour to release the I gotta work on those muscles a little bit easier and work my way up.

Anyways...I am kinda psyched about this.  YAY me!

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