Saturday, September 29, 2007

Do you know what it is like to wake up to a disaster??? Well...that happened to me this morning.

It's Saturday...the day to sleep in...the day to relax. But Sunrise decided that she had other plans! Well she didnt, her body did. 7 AM I wake up to her whining and fussy, I walk to her crib and got knocked down with the strongest odor ever! Ever seen those cartoons where the green smoke of odor? Well..It was a reality this morning!

After changing a diaper...and about 40 wipes later, she was clean. I prayed she will go back to sleep...did she?? NOooooooooooooo....So I flipped on Blue's Clue...and got to listen to that while Sunrise sang along, and I fell asleep for 3 minutes at a time.

Now Im sitting here trying to get the strength to get up and get things done...and head out to ...hmmm...let's call him mechanics. I keep getting texts from his daughter begging for us to come earlier. SHe loves Sunrise and wants to play with her. LOL.

So I need to make this quick. I hope I'll be back tomorrow night.


Thursday, September 27, 2007

Ok so I really suck at this blogging thing. I can take your ridicule and meaness..come on..yell at me...tell me how horrible a person I am..>Im listening. (sounds of crickets chirping). Oh that is right..I dont think anyone will even read this anymore since Ive been gone for so long.

I really have slacked on my board reading too...Sorry snow and everyone else!

So this is what has been going on...and I will try to post daily...but...dont hold your breath because a single mom is busy!

A quick run down:

Sunrise: She is doing great! She thinks that she runs the world, and I can capture the moon. She is now almost 21 months old..Ughhhh how time flies...why cant she be that little pea in a pod of blankets laying on my chest while we both take a nap? Now she lays on me...and my chest caves in. She isnt overweight...She is just very tall. She is in the 97% for height...Im goin to have a basketball player on my hands! Hmmmm then she can earn her scholarship to school...woooohooo Im free from that obligation!!!!(I know I know...quit dreaming).

I am starting my own business. It is a virtual assistant business. I just got done with a coaching program(shout out to Jerpat). Hopefully this time next year I will be able to get my own place.

Still living with the rents...They are still pretty cool with us..but Id just like to be out. Thought Sunrise thinks she is the shit when they are home...cuz they are grandparents and spoil her rotten! (Keyword being rotten! LOL j/k).

I am dating a guy that I have dated on and off for the past 5 years. Each time we get back together, we get a little more serious. I think this maybe the end of my single life. I think the plan will be that I will be moving in with him and his son. We are going to discuss this, this weekend I think. If I move in, I will be quitting my part time job and working on making money in my own business.

Ok that is the catch today I will try to use my wit again, and make someone laugh. LOL


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