Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I will be back

I just wanted to pop in and say that I will be back, hopefully soon. I am very ill.

I don't know what I have but based on experience I think it is pneumonia. I have been running nonstop since last Friday despite of being sick, so instead of getting better, I have been getting worse.

Until then...I hope you all are doing well.


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Customer Service....

I'm a HUGE person about customer service.  And Single Mom Finding Herself asked about customer service I told her I'd put one on my blog.

First, I must say that I had to make a call today to customer service for a video service that shall remain nameless.  They screwed up my cancel order 2 months ago, and I noticed again today that they had charged me another month.  I was very angry about this, because right now money is very tight for me, especially with my 2 upcoming trips.  I will give the original guy and his supervisor credit for not getting snotty with me, because I was not a pleasant phone call to say the least.  High fives and thank you for my long as I do get it!

Ok..but this recent one is still haunting me.  I received a call from a guy with a heavy Indian type accent(I wonder why they all have heavy Indian type accents).  Anyways..this is not word for word...but it was darn close

Guy: Hi this is Guy from XYZ collections company.  I am calling about the account you had with BMG.  It is in arrears for $100, how would you like to set this up for payment today?
Me: Uhhhh WHAT??? BMG??? I don't have BMG.

Guy: This is Dawn...correct?  Well you have an overdue account for $100.  We take check over the phone, mastercard, vis...

Me:(Cutting him off because he does not apparently understand English) I DO not have an account with BMG! Do you understand that?

Guy: Yes, you are saying you do not have an account with BMG.  This was from 2003.  You live at 123 Green St?

Me: Nope(though I did live there at one time, but certainly not in 2003)

Guy: Ok, well how would you like to clear this up today....We accept...


Guy: Are you saying you are not paying this bill??

Me: Yes Einstein, that is what I am saying(Ok...I didnt call him Einstein, but I wanted to).

Guy: Your name is on this account.

Me: Send me proof and I will check into it, but I am not paying this bill.(I must interject that my ex husband has set up accounts in my name for various thinks...Direct TV and Christian music to name 2)

Guy: OK you want proof? (Why does he always answer a question with a question?)

Me: Yes

Guy: Well, if this does not get resolved today, it will go on your credit report.

Me: If it goes on my credit report, I will be suing BMG, XYZ collections, and YOU.

Guy: Why don't you pay it?


Guy: It will be reported.


Guy: Fine <CLICK>

3 Weeks Later

Guy: Hi this is Guy with XYZ Collections company, I am calling about your account with BMG.


I hung up on him.  He continues to call.  One time, when I actually talked to him, he stated I would have to call BMG and get the proof from them.  Ummmm hello?? If they want their money...YOU call them and have them send it to me.  I called the number anyways...I get a very nice lady from BMG who states that they do not have records they are only the order taking at this number(read as...she is sitting at home in her bathrobe making money taking calls).

I give up...he continues to call me...I will continue to check my credit report...and Guy...whereever you are...You can go to hell!


I have some of the best readers

You all are awesome! I just wanted to say that.

First littlemansmom posted a virtual birthday cake on her site for my birthday(thanks sweets!) and then you all came through with suggestions about my little nurse man in class. Thanks!

Not to mention some first time readers over the last few posts! How cool is that??!! Im so excited everyone! BTW...those that have blogs, I promise to get to them.

As far as nurse man...Actually I am terrible because there are 8 or 9 guys in my class, I know the names of 2 of them, but not HIS! UGHHH!! So...I cant email him. I will be leaving for a conference before I really get a chance to talk to him Friday(after the test first thing), however, have no fear because I will be in school 4 days a week starting Nov. 3th...and I know he will be there at least 2 of those days(based on the classes he should be taking) I will be a little casually talkative to him, if I dont get a chance to chit chat with him Friday before class. BTW...Im using the conference to have an excuse to go to class dressed to the nines! Muhahahahaha.

Oh yeah...if MsSingleMamma will answer her danged direct message tweet! We are hoping to get together for breakfast Saturday morning while Im in her area! Im so excited! I think she is the shit!

Finally...last night...I have a couple of blog posts rolling through my head...hopefully I will be able to get them out tonight when I get home from work.(At work now...). I am so pumped at everyone's responses...I just HAVE to post now :)

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Monday, October 20, 2008


So there is this guy in my class. Nurse guy. He is one semester behind me, but taking one of the classes I am taking. I have to say I am in love...ok make that lust.

We all were sitting there during break, relaxing and complaining about the test we just took and failed!(Yes we believe the whole class failed, we are waiting on the results now). I noticed him, and he is a doll, but I think he is gay.

So my friend and I stepped outside for the last 10 minutes of break to smoke. (Yes I smoke...and I plan on quitting with my friend Dori as my quitting smoking buddy). He steps outside and starts talking to me. As if he was looking for us to talk to us. He proceeds to tell me he is taking his kids to the zoo for the halloween thing that night(hmm ok..not gay)...Jokingly I told him he could take my 2 year old...he said well no, his are a handful enough. I check out the ring...Hmmmm....he proceeds to tell me his kids are 1 and 4. Awful young to not be married and to have 2?? Hmmm.. He walks back in with us, and the rest of the class I spend staring at the back of his head, trying to figure out his story.

So now...ever since Friday, I have been waiting to see if maybe he will email me by using the class roster. I keep dreaming. LOL I hardly know the guy, but my intrigue is sooooooooooo strong right now. UGHHHHH..Cant wait until Friday... last class with him, and I wont even be there the whole time.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Let's Get Politcal, Politcal

I wanna get politicalllllllllll let me here your money talk... is over.

I HATE politics as I have already made clear, but how can one NOT think about politics this year?  Every damn thing you hear is about it.  So, I have been doing a lot of thinking.

I want to address somethings...but only with ONE rule..NONE of this has anything to do with anyone that I communicate with in anyway! I am not pointing fingers at anyone I know, either online or offline, unless I specifically say so. And another rule...(ok..I lied..2 rules).  ANY comments that I receive that are bashing in anyway towards anyone(whether be me or a commenter) will be deleted.  Debate is ok, but bashing is not. Ok..Everyone understand the rules?? Good.

First, my belief is that NEITHER candidate is living in this country or something.  They say that they care what is on the minds of the people(like Joe the plumber, who rumor has it, isn't even registered), but when it comes down to is all about taxation.  I challenge either of these candidates to come sit at my table.  I will tell them what REALLY is on the mind of the poor, the single mother, the college student, the college graduate(because I am both a graduate and a student), the unemployed, the person that is scared.  It isn't about taxation or what they can do for me in the next 4 is what they can do for me NOW.(Ok..maybe that isn't everyone...but it is for me!).  How in the world am I going to pay for gas to go to school when (notice..when..not if) the gas prices go back up, how am I going to get my child a good education, when I will be afraid for her to go to school, not to mention that teachers are teaching to test it seems anymore, or everything has to be so damned politically correct, how am I suppose to get the proper medical help with medicaid when they do not want to pay for specific tests that could solve all her medical problems.  Senator McCain, Senator Obama, knock on my door...I'll listen to you, and ask you questions, and tell you what I think.  Because I am one of those who is voting for Mickey Mouse this year, because NEITHER of you are worthy of my vote.

Second..what the hell is it with people who support a specific party? I mean really..I have only heard one occurrence of bad outburst from McCain's supporters, but tons from Obama's supporters. One guy in the area I live in, had a McCain sign in his yard.  He was standing outside doing yardwork, when a guy drove by screaming his head off with very rude and vulgar obscenities at the man because he supports McCain.  Another occurrence was where there were people carrying signs somewhere and people were standing around shouting vulgarities at them.(I guess this is on youtube??)  What the hell?? Is this what our country has come to??  There used to be a time when you could drive around with support stickers on your car, but have to be worried about being run off the road because of them.  These, my friends, are future leaders in our country. (heavy sigh).

Now...on a less nasty note..I have found, that once someone has decided on who they like for whatever reason, instead of listening and thinking about what the opposing candidate has to say, the ears shut off!  I am so not like this.  I want to hear both sides of the story.  I mean it possible that we are missing something important that the other person has to say?

Reporters piss me off.  Actually, not reporters specifically but the general media.  Many of them are endorsing candidates, which is fine...but why not quit trying to persuade others for supporting who they think.  Recently 2 Ohio newspapers have came out and said that they are supporting one of the candidates, umm why?  Come on...why can't our media be bipartisan?  Is it really that bad.  I will admit that the local(small town) newspaper has listed the issues that are going to be on our ballot.  I was impressed because, they provided the complete wording of the bill, an explanation of the bill, and then...they gave a column for supporters, and opponents to explain how they felt about that bill.  I LOVE IT!  This is the way it SHOULD be.  Let the people decide what they want to decide, without being swayed by the media. 

One last thing...debates.  Debates are a waste of time and money! Tell me what you are going to do, to make things better for me...dont tell me what the result is of what you are going to do.  Because I know, things are easier said then done.  Give me proof..give me insight...otherwise, don't waste my time. 

As a born and raised Republican, I would typically go for the lesser of the 2 evils and end up with McCain, but this time...I can't even do that.  I do have to admit that I thought it was hilarious at last nights debates that McCain called Obama out on many things.  Some people said they didn't care about these things, but I did.  If you are going to lie, or over exaggerate your plans...then you need to be called out.  If you say one thing and do need to be called out.  Do it publicly, do it in front of the person, just don't make up a commercial that does it.  A coward will not confront his opponent face to face.  So there was no reason why these things shouldn't have been addressed.(I am not saying McCain is innocent!  He is just as guilty).

We really need to quit these games that both opponents are playing.  He said, she said, he did, she did.  I care about here, now, the future...not yesterday.  Although on a side note, I think it would be cool to have a lady as a VP.

BTW...if 250K/year is middle class..then I am in trouble when I get my nursing license, because I will be dirt how does that make sense?


Wednesday, October 08, 2008


Have you ever had one of those nightmares where you are sobbing in your sleep? Where you wake felt like you have had the biggest cry you have ever had? No? LIAR! LOL I am on Effexor which one of the side effects can be dreams...and the dreams are doooozies. Ugh.

Last I fell asleep with Sunrise in my arms(she is going through the stage where she wants to sleep with me all the time now)...I drifted off to dreamland. I must add that I was edited the following photos earlier in the evening(putting off studying..of course). My dream was of me and my mom in a very crowded mall. We had Sunrise with us and she was being a good girl. My mom was in charge of watching her because I was on a mission of some sort. As we are walking outside of ABC store(I dont know remember what the name of the store was)I looked down and noticed Sunrise was GONE! My mom and I freaked (Of course)...for some reason we ran into ABC store..and there at the dressing room was a weird thing. It was one of those dressing rooms with half a door, where you can see heads but not the rest of the body. There were 2 women in there...the one woman was dressing hurridly, but the other lady looked stressed. I opened the door and found Sunrise standing there with the other lady putting many layers of clothes on her. I called out for security...they aparently were right in the area and they took the lady into custody. She could not speak very good english...but there she was..trying to disquise my angel to take her away. Of course the sobs start now...just a relief and freaking out. I sat on the floor and hugged Sunrise...then I hugged a box of Sunrise's that contained some of her belongings. I woke up...grabbed onto my child and held her tight ...for the rest of the night.

This nightmare was all because of this photo:


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Monday, October 06, 2008

Taking my blog to the next step

Ok..I wanna take my blog up a step. I am currently trying to find some good information on 3 column layouts, that I can modify with my own decorating(which is a whole other issue).

My first thought is maybe getting my own address. Has anyone done this? How hard is it to get everything moved over? I think I saw that blogger has redirect...I gotta check into it. What else is important to know before I do it???



Conversation with a 2 year old

Last night Sunrise got into my bed to sleep. When I turned off the tv and told her time to go to sleep...she starts asking me questions.

Sunrise: Honey?(in case you are 2 year old calls me honey and mommy..sometimes even DawnThat is a whole other post).

Me: Yes Sunrise?(I'm tired..lemme sleep child)

Sunrise: Is G your friend?(yes..she starts asking me if her classmates are my friend...)
Me: Yes honey
Sunrise: Is E your friend?
Me: Yes honey
Sunrise: Is A your friend?(BTW..this is all in her and I understand it)
Me: Yes honey
Sunrise: Is K your friend(this is her I decided to throw her a curve ball..and I picked her teacher because if she should remember, which she probably wont, I'll have time to
Me: No
Sunrise: K not your friend? Why not?
Me: Im kidding Sunrise...she is my friend
Sunrise: Oh ok...(She turns over and goes to sleep)

Apparently it is very important to her that I be friends with everyone she is in school with.

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