Thursday, May 28, 2009

DUCK!!! Pigs are flying!

Yes...I am sitting here sniffling because they grow up so fast...sniff sniff.

No, I am not talking about Brooke....I am talking about my little/big brother is actually going to do it... He has been to Iraq and back...he has drank a many a beer...and he has dated a many a women....but he is finally going to get married! 25 year old brother is going to settle down and become <gasp> married.  They are getting married July 8th, I guess just at the court house, but he is actually going to do it.  Congrats little bro...(Even though you don't even know about my



Told you so....

Yeah, so I took Brooke back to the dentist.  In a way I really was hoping for the melt down that happened so I could be vindicated, but I hated that my darling child had to go through this...but she HAD to. It's just a shame that the dentist is in some kind of denial, the same denial that I am in when I think that eating that huge piece of cake isn't really going to put any more fat on my hips.

We arrive at the office of horrors 30 minutes early, because I am the queen of being early.  Luckily Brooke didn't realize that we were just here the week before, or did she? After explaining to the receptionist on how to set the dvd to play, because obviously noone has ever watched DVD's there, we sat down and waited...and waited...and waited.

Finally they call Brooke's name. This is where you could see the fear rise from the tips of her piggies to the pig tails in her hair.  We walk back to the little room that they use for xrays.  Now, mind you she never really made into the chair the last time, so this time...I sit down they throw a vest that weighs 4 times as much as Brooke on me, throw one on her...and proceed to attempt to take the xray (On a side note...whatever happened to the question of "Is there any chance your pregnant? question.  I guess they can see the celibacy of a year and half written all over my face).  Now Brooke is kicking and screaming, it is taking all my might to hold on to her and calmly tell her that she was going to be ok, they were just going to take pictures of her teeth.  Nope, no how, no way was she going to let them! So what do they do?  They get what I am assuming is the master of dental heigenests (sleep escapes me to remember how to spell that) to come in.  I am thinking...great...she must work with kids real well.  Calm them down..keep them ok for the xray.  NOPE she is the masochist of all masochist.  She throws on an apron and grabs my child's chin and throws that little piece of plastic that tears into your gums into her mouth.  3 or 4 times. happened so fast that I didn't realize just how rough she was, until we get out of the chair...and find my child's lips are BLEEDING!  YES BLEEDING! UGH!  So I'm fuming, but I just want this over with so I can hold my child and apologize.

Then they take us to "the room".  Now last time they had us in a room with 3 chairs, this time...I'm sure they thought "We have a screamer that is bleeding, we do not want anyone to see this!"  so they gave us our own little room.  While we waited for the dentist, Brooke started sorting through the little toys they give to the kids.  I told her she could have 2 since they were so mean to her. (Ok I didnt say since they were so mean...but I did tell her to take 2).

The dentist came in and said...YAY! She got the xrays done!  What a great job Brooke!  And all Brooke did was look at her like she was out of her mind.  So now...let's get her to sit in the chair.  NOPE NO WAY...but some how..they put her in the chair, tied her down while the dentist looked in her mouth, the hygienist held her hands down.  Brooke is screaming her freaking head off...but hey!  That works for the dentist as she poked around to see all the work that needed to be done.  They praised her for being such a good girl and helping them out by keeping her mouth open.  Ummmmm hello???? She was screaming..she wasn't doing you a favor (can ya tell I'm still pissed off about the xrays?). 

So they came to the SAME conclusion as last week...she needs to be sedated in order to do the repairs on her teeth that need to be done.  Um couldn't we have just skipped this step then?  Then being a stupid mom I ask will they do a cleaning then too??  The dentist says to me...Now get this..this is the same woman who remembered Brooke from last week being noncompliant...and the same one who just had to deal with her screaming while trying to see what needed done "oh, we didn't clean her teeth?" UMMMM NO???? Have you been hitting that nitrous oxide yourself lady?   So we get Brooke back into the chair...screaming her head off again...and they start to clean her teeth.  Once Brooke tasted the toothpaste, she was chowing on it!  She kept closing her mouth just so she could taste it.  Then when they when to use that vacuum hose suction with the water...she was all about that...she loved having her tongue sucked (oh lord, this could be trouble when she grows up!)...but she was a trooper through all that.

Now...the dentist again tells Brooke how great she did!  And how she was such a big girl! Ummm you have ear plugs in? Then she tells Brooke to take a toy or 2 from the bin....Of course I didn't tell her about the 3 she stuffed in my purse while waiting.

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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Geesh...who knows my child best?

I really hate that fact that some medical practioners think they know my child better than I do.  Case in point, the PEDIATRIC dentist I took Brooke to last week.  I really kind of wait for redemption this Thursday when we go back.

First a little back story....a year and a half ago Brooke threw one of her major fits at daycare and it resulted in this....



In case you can't tell her top tooth was knocked clear up into her gums.  The dentist (a different one) said he would be surprised if it lasted but it has.  When I took her to this dentist, she was very cooperative, despite that the "accident" had just occurred a couple of hours before. When we went for the follow ups, she sat for xrays, opened her mouth, and let the dentist poke around and look at the damage for awhile. She had to be in some severe pain, so the latest excuse this new dentist gave is bullshit.

Lately, whenever Brooke eats anything real sweet, she complained of a toothache.  Now, she NEVER complains any other time, just when she eats something sweet.  So I had to take her to the dentist.  We went to a different dentist because the first dentist didn't take her insurance, and I had to pay things out of pocket, so this time...I am not able to do that.

We go into this dentist who is suppose to specialize in kids, so I'm thinking...GREAT! They will understand a 3 year old's temperament and be able to deal with her.  We walked into the room where they do xrays and Brooke has a breakdown.  Not just a breakdown but a full blown out...NO WAY IN HELL am I sitting in that chair for xrays breakdown.  I tried to hold her, nope, I tried to talk calmly to her, nope...She just was not having it. So the dental hygienist decided there was no way we were getting xrays.  So off we went to the next room where the dentist chair was.  I sat down in the chair expecting to hold her, and she made it clear...NO WAY IN HELL am I sitting in that chair mom, not even on your lap!  Eventually we wrestled her down for the dentist to get a millisecond peak in her mouth as she screamed in defiance.  Now the child is scared, and I understand that.  This was a strange place.  I was very apologetic and explained that she was always cooperative with the dentist and doctors...and in no way did I expect her to do this before they even got her mouth open.

The dentist proceeds to tell me that it was because my child was in pain and that she was going to probably need to have some teeth pulled, and that would require sedation.  However, the doctor that does sedation has a 2 month waiting list.  But we want to bring her back to get the xrays next week after round of antibiotics and pain relief.  She will be fine once the swelling is down and there is no pain, because that is why she is throwing a fit.  Ummm hello....I know my child.  She is not letting you poke in her mouth because YOU just aren't friendly to kids.  She wasn't calm talking, didn't try to explain to Brooke what was going to happen(not that she would really understand, but it would give her some indication that the dentist was nice), NOR did she give Brooke anything to play with like the other dentist gave her some bubblegum smelling gloves to play with. Oh yeah...she says to Brooke after she calms down..."Brooke do your teeth hurt?" and Brooke said yes.  When we get into the car...I said to Brooke, "Brooke do your teeth hurt..." Her answer??? NO.  She told this dentist what she wanted the dentist to hear so she'd leave her mouth alone!

So after she told me I was wrong, that she was just in pain, because there is no way it was her problem, she had me schedule another appointment this week...just for her to say... "well I can't get xrays or a look so we will have to schedule another appointment"...because I just have all the time in the world!

Who wants to put $50 on the fact that Brooke will not be cooperative Thursday when we go back???

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Sunday, May 10, 2009

I suck.....

Alternate title...Happy Mother's Day! (I'm trying to get that in because I know there is one person looking for an update..)

Yes I am still alive.  Things have been so freaking crazy that I really don't know what end is up.  I have no excuse for not writing, other than my face is plastered to Med Surg books and care plans.

So here I go again with an update...are you not sick of my updates?? I know I am!  And apparently so is my former sponsors who have dropped me from their list(for good reason!).


Last term was HELL!  I am not just saying that for me, I am saying that for everyone in the class.  It was the toughest one yet.  In fact, we lost 8 people from failing.  That is 8 out of 24!  Ummmm....1/3...33.33333333%.  So you can imagine how my life centered around school and all things medical.  But, I pulled through with a B, so that is all that counts, right?

This term is not as hard as far as learning (at least not yet), but we have projects coming out the anal canal that each of us has.  But the real bad part is...I have truly lost my drive.  I have lost ever give in me.  I need to find that drive back, but not sure how. I am working on that.

During my 1 week break from school, I took a vacation.  Yes...a bonified, fly in a plane vacation to the beach.  I had been in contact with a do I put this...friend with benefit.  We haven't seen each other in 7 years, so for those doing the math, he is NOT Brooke(yes I am just outing my daughter's name now) father.  I do not know how many times I have been asked this before we left, but I'm just going to get it out there.

Now...I'm probably going to get myself into trouble because he has read my blog once at least, but I will put a little bit about our vacation. 

Brooke & I flew to Wilmington NC for 4 days.  We spent 3 of these days at the beach, which I got the worse sunburn ever.  I ended up at the doctors back home because the pain and various colors was just not sitting well with my nursing instructor.  Thank goodness all that was required were steroid  creams and pain meds.  Today all is well with a little bit of left over skin shedding...I just LOVE to peel my skin. LOL

Our trip was far from relaxing.  I let Brooke run the beach as much as I could because I knew she was so in love with it...that I did not want to take that away from her.  Plus I knew that for the next 6 months left of school...she would not be doing a whole lot of getting out.  I did nothing but chase her and keep her from drowning under the waves.  She loved the beach...and the seashells. *sigh* I am glad she was happy but it exhausted me. 

100_0229 This was the first day at the beach.  The water was freezing, but my child didn't care.  Ummm yeah...which means I had to NOT care because I had to go in after her.

70 degree water is cold!



 100_0230 100_0233

She was a very good girl.  I was so worried how she was going to react to the plane ride, but she was a trooper....Never cried once or even got scared!  She got mad at me because she wanted to color during take off...but she got over it quickly.

Here she is at the Charlotte airport waiting for our connecting flight...what a great girl!






I love her crooked smile.  She always has it when she is up to something!




So to answer anyone before asking...There is a reason is was a friend with benefit...and there was a reason for the former friend with benefits.  No romance, no sex, no don't even ask.

I am going to update more...I promise...I need to just do it. LOL  Not to mention fix the code now.

Oh how I miss you all.  I have read all the engagments and new guys...You all are so lucky.  I hope everything and the best for you!!! I am off... I need to be on the psych floor by 7AM...(and no I am not being admitted......YET).

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