Thursday, May 29, 2008


Even the word makes me sick to my stomach.

I am not about politics and I never will be. No, it has nothing to do with the fact that I don't care...It has nothing to do with that I want change and things to get better....and it has nothing to do with whether I believe the war in Iraq is going on too long, or should have not gone at all. It has to do with the fact that I dont believe.

I dont believe in the political mind. I will not endure listening to the words come out of the candidates mouths at all their stops along the way in America...I may start to listen a little in the beginning and at the end..and catch a few things here and there in the news, but that is it! You know why??? I DONT BELIEVE THEM! I have to make my decision based on what the believe..not what they promise.

They try to make you believe that they are going to change the prices of gas, the war in Iraq, the economy, or even their own underwear....but until you see it...You can not believe it. Period. And it isnt that you can not believe it because they are dishonest...but I think many of them are just so misguided in their belief that when they open that door to the White House they are king of the world...But alas...they are not. Strongly influenticial yes...but can they do everything they promise?? Absolutely not.

You have to remember that in order for anything to come down the line whether it is from bills, budget cuts and increases, spending, or whether the White House should be painted a horrible shade of chartreuse(although in my opinion...chartreuse is a horrible color all together...but ya know...personal opinion...) it MUST go through Congress. That is right...promise me a dollar..but unless Congress says isnt going to happen! And to be honest and play both sides to this...Congress can not do anything without Presidential say so....Checks and balances.

Now...another reason I dont believe what I hear from the candidates is because not only are they really limited on what they CAN do, that they promise they will do....but as outsiders(with the exception of congressional people trying to become President...or a President trying to get reelected), there are not privy to information that the President has access to. Though even those candidates who do spend time in Congress...I dont believe that many have ALL the information either.

Which leads to one other point...American citizens have a right to expression..and I am truly glad for that(so dont pound me down in comments..cuz I can express too! LOL :P). But I feel that often times many people get up in arms about stuff that they just dont know. FOR INSTANCE...(example only...don't attack me)...The Iraq war...many people are protesting that we should not be there...that we have no right there...that we need to leave NOW....This is great and I am glad that people are using their freedom of expression, but do we really know everything?? My stand on it...I dont know! If I knew what the real, right answer was...I'd be God..not Dawn.

My brother who served in Iraq During 05 and was almost killed in a car explosion hitting his humvee, but his friend did die. You can read about it here if you didnt see it before... You would think that when he got out he would be all about getting out of Iraq...Though he did not want to go back...he feels that the US leaving Iraq out of the blue right now would be the biggest mistake to do. And I knew exactly where he was going with this..and he did...Because if we leave things undone(which I THINK is what Obama wants to do(also, I do not know what exactly everyone else wants to do)..but I could be wrong..), basically pull out and bring everyone home...we will be returning for another WAR a few years down the road as the insurgents become more in numbers again. There would be a HUGE civil war..with many more casualties as some of the operations we are still carrying out now. This is a matter of opinion..but since my brother was there..and he experienced it...I believe he has a better understand then me, who has never been there. Im not saying he is right or wrong...but I respect it. But I must regress....

The main point to this whole flippin post is....Just because someone promises you a change that you like the sound of...does not mean he/she can actually make that change happen. They may be able to encourage it..but when it comes down to it..I feel that the members in Congress have more say and pull then does the President. I think the more important things is HOW they want to get the change...HOW they are going to convince congress to approve what he/she wants to do...and most importantly....what he/she wants to do that would help in getting us out of Iraq and just freaking to admit to everyone that though some of the information is still not available to them...but based on what they know....they want to do this or that.

OK Let the beatings begin.


Monday, May 26, 2008

I know I said I wouldnt be posting..

but this is bothering me in a way.

I have only touched on how mean my sister is...She makes comments about how at least her baby knows his daddy, or you are stupid...or any other little thing she can jab at. She has even gone as far as demanding the crib that I borrowed for Sunrise back because she needed it NOW!(Sunrise was 4 months old..her son...4 years old). So I took it down that night and gave it back to her(she was still living her at the time) stayed torn down..and to the best of my knowledge has not been used ever since(though she will be probably using it in a few months, if she hasnt sold it). I had to go out and buy a cheap crib to replace the one she lent me. She has only lent me 2 items...the crib and the baby car seat...and the first chance I could give that back I did...just so I knew it wasnt hanging over me. I do not know how many times I have babysat my nephew because she wanted to go out...or because she had stuff to do...Id say around 20 or 30(these are situations where it has been non emergencies). I asked her to baby sit ONE...Yes ONE time overnight so I could go to a party..and I knew that if I drank too much I could just stay at my friends house that was having the party and not have to worry about it...Ummm that ONE babysit(a total of 12 hours) cost me 30 dollars!

She has verbally, emotionally and physically(my mom) abused my family...yet over and over i have done things for her when she has asked (watch her son for a little while, fix her computer, help her with this...or help her with that...borrow this or borrow that)...Well the last time she said some very mean things about Sunrises lack of a "baby daddy", and other mean things...I told her flat out..."Do NOT ask me for another thing...just remember that".(Of course...I mean this in the way where it isnt something serious).

This weekend...while laying in bed all day on Saturday on my death bed, she asked my mom if she could borrow my PSP program...then she left. Mom asked me, and I glared at my mom.(not glarring at my mom...but glarring at my sister through my mom...which my mom understood). My mom stated that she had given her a computer and they were having the internet hooked up at her house and thank god she wouldnt be around much anymore(yes my mom said thank god)....I looked at my mom and said "No...she can not have it...she does not NEED it...and I told her NOTHING more"...Mom said she understood(and she does, because the whole family is starting to get to this point). mom approached me about some non essentials but good to have things for her baby coming in August. I told my mom...ABSOLUTELY not! I will sell them before I give them to her(a swing...and other toys). My mom said that she understood..but my mom wanted to buy them from me. She was going to buy some of this stuff at a garage sale...but knew how bad I needed the money(damn gas prices!) and she did want to give the money to me instead of some stranger...for things, which look like I will not use ever again, if I do it wont be for a few years when I have extra money to buy new....I told my mom that I guess...But now I feel terrible for my mom paying for them(my parents are not poor...and have extra cash to throw to things like this used). But I just can not stand the idea of giving these items to my sister.

Then after her and I discuss this some...she said my sister's friend is having a girl...and asked if Id give her friend the girl clothes that Sunrise has grown out of...UGHHHH I told my mom no. She(my mom) is not going to be buying anything for this baby there is no need for me to give clothes to this person who I hardly know..that is friends with my sister who is extremely horrible to me and my family. I plan on having a garage sale.

Am I such a bad person?

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I'll be kinda missing

Last night I spent 6 hours in ER AGAIN. (Did I ever mention I have a ton of health issues?)

This is the THIRD time in a year I have had pneumonia. Luckily it wasnt like last summer when I had to spend 8 days in the hospital...with 4 of them in the ICU step down unit.

I went last night just to get a breathing treatment...and ended up sitting there on antibiotics, steriods and vicodin for 5 hours. Not to mention my BP was 200/115 when arrived...which started a whole other set of tests...EKG, constant heart and bp measuring...etc. Along with 9..yes NINE vials of blood tests and sitting on a bedpan so they can get a urine sample without making me get up....AND xrays of course.

Anyways..though I am feeling MUCH better today besides the lack of sleep...I need to catch up on studying and papers. Which I think is why I got so run down in the first I may need to take a week off...we will see how this weeks goes with studying the skeltal system of the body..and how well it sticks. But for tonight...I must study for my skin and membrane tests.

I will try to keep up on reading blogs...but dont count on it. Ohhhhh and doodlemoms...I am goin to check in on the board tonight...but may not visit until thursday or so.


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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Me me me!

I think I have no officially gotten my first tag...but I could be wrong. For some reason I think I had a tag over a year ago but couldnt find it....So anyways...Jodi tagged me so I must respond.(BTW...still working on the 100 things)

Favorite person (outside family)? Would currently be the other nursing student sitting next to me in Medical Term....cuz she is funny as heck. And I can not remember her name to save my life! LOL

Favorite food?Steak! Steak and more steak!

Quirks about you? hmmm one of the many...I'm a perfectionist believe it or not(at least when it comes to grades...)

How would the person who loves you most describe you in ten words or less? The person that loves me most?? Let's assumed this man is a figment of my imaginiation(ok we wont is the fact) She is loving, caring, strong, smart, a little on the lazy side, and a little bit emotional when it comes to things that mean a lot to her(like you all didnt know that! LOL)

Any regrets in life? I constantly say that I do not regret getting involved in my abusive ex...because it taught me so much...but I really do regret having lost those years of my life. Other than that...I wish I would have finished college when I was 18.

Favorite Charity/ Cause? Well first would be my local area battered women's shelter and the battered womens court advocacy agency. They both are getting a ton of money from me when I win the lottery. I owe them big time.

Favorite Blog recently? Both my friend's Snow's because she is just out there sometimes(love ya girl!) and of course....Pioneer Woman because she has many photos of HOT cowboys..which has always been a fantasy of mine

Something you can’t get enough of? Sheetz Banana Mocha Frozen Coffee....But alas...I have to give it up.

Worst job you’ve ever had? Testing ATM machines all day long. You had to repeat the same transactions over and over and over and over and over....

What job would you pay NOT to have? The guy that cleans up road kill.

If you could be a fly on the wall, where? My sisters...I wanna know if she is as mean at home as she is when she is here.

Favorite Bible verse right now?None now...maybe one day I will be able to look at a Bible again.

Guilty Pleasure? Well...not many Id want to admit to...but BOB comes up in the top ten! LOL(I know Snow would get a kick out of and Rachel Sarah )...hmmmm..

Got any confessions? I am going to put that hear...people already think bad things about

If you HAD to spend $1,000 on YOURSELF, how would you spend it? Nice day at the salon...massage, facial...the works. (I miss the days when I could do that)

Favorite thing about your house? I dont have to pay anything for

Least favorite thing about your house? That it isnt mine

One thing you are bad at? Sitting down and reading, no matter how good the book is.

One thing you’re good at? Procrastination

Who would you like to meet someday? Snow! And many of the doodlebug moms

What makes you feel sexy? BOB! Muhahahahahaha

Who is your real life hero? BOB!!! LOL j/k My hero would have to be the nurse who took care of me in the hospital for a whole month on and off while waiting to have Sunrise...Thank you Sharon RN ;)

What is the hardest part of your job? Going...My job is very easy, just VERY boring now.

When are you most relaxed? ROFLLMAO

What stresses you out? Tests!

What can you not live without? Diet Pepsi Max...Diet Pepsi....Ice Tea flavored with Splenda(I have drank a whole gallon in the last 24 hours)...and television.

Do you agree or disagree with the recent article that reported that blogs are authored by narcissists? I guess that would make sense...gotta pat yourself on the back one way or another.

Why do you blog?Depends on the day you are reading...Some days I do it to get the very deep dark secrets out...other days is because I gotta vent somewhere...some days I do it to let those who are going through domestic violence know that they are not alone...and yet others...just for the hell of it. (I do not have many friends IRL...Most of the time I sit at home staring at the I need to at last protend I am talking to someone...KWIM?)

Who are you tagging?

New/ newer bloggers: Well I havent added any new blogs I guess Im goin to have to pass on this section. I really need to get out there and meet more...maybe during break at the end of June.

Bloggy friends: Snow?Did you do this one? I cant keep track of all the ones you have done.LOL

Bloggers you’d like to get to know better: Ok Im cheating...Anyone?

Bloggers you don’t think will respond, but you hope will: Ms. Single Mama, Rachel Sarah at Single Mom Seeking

Okay - rules:1. Answer the questions (Did I really have to include this as a rule? Duh!)2. Link back to whoever tagged you3. Tag eight bloggers to do the same, 2 from each category.New/ newer bloggers (since we want to share the love and send them traffic)Bloggy friendsBloggers you’d like to get to know betterBloggers you don’t think will respond, but you hope will.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Quck update on school...

I know you all have been dying on how school is going....Muhahahahaha LOL

So figured I'd do a real quick update.

1st we had a class that only lasted one was student success seminar which had some work and a paper attached to it. I am proud to say that I got an A...Not just any A...I got a perfect score! Before you are wasn't hard to get a perfect score...LOL

Second Medical Terminology...nothing going on in there yet except I have over 200 words and abbreviations to learn in the next 5 weeks...

And third and final..UGHHHH Anatomy and Physiology. Who created this subject and why are they trying to torture us?? LOL It wouldnt be that bad...but remember we have a whole semester(16 weeks) of work stuffed into 8 weeks. Also, I am not going into details because I got my ass ripped over at about this subject...but there are many distracting people in this class(and not in a good way either!). We have had two tests...and both I have walked out with an 88. Solid B+. I am not happy with this...I have a goal of straight A's damnit!!!!

So...I only get to get online here and there and sporatically(mostly when I am at work) I get a little lost on many things, unless it has to do with chemistry,cells, skin, membranes, and the skeleton(next week muscles!....YAY!! LOL). Yes I have learned all about all these things in hmmmm 2-1/2 weeks. I mean ALL about these subjects...not just glancing over the material either. For instance....those 88's I got on my tests...yeah..the average score of the class was a 48 & I have been busting my ass studying.

And now Im off to memorize the layers of epidermas and the difference between them...UGHHHHHH, and if I really feel like it..I may go over membranes a little more too. (BTW did you know that Jello is made of hooves of cows and horses and other things that you dont wanna know...check it out on snopes if you don't believe me)

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A taste of nostalgia quiz

Ok, apparently I need to write 100 things about me, in honor of my 100 posts...I will work on that and get it up soon..but until then....

Ok...most of my doodle friends have done movie quotes...but Im going to try to do something different.

Here is the contest...(ok not a contest, because frankly I have nothing to give away except a beautiful 2 year old..but Im not ready to give her up yet)....

Below is a list of vintage tag lines...see if you can guess the product:

Plop plop fizz fizz...That is the easy one :)

Gross! Ghastly! Freaky Fun For Everyone!

"_______, ____, Turn on the magical shining light!" Or"_______, makin' things with light. Outtasite, makin' things with ________."

They Stick Like Magic!

As much fun to make as it is to eat!

I want to eat....your cereal

It's the real thing.

It has beer in it!

Oh No! What did you do? I ate him!

Fruit makes the best pickens!

You got the look I want to know better. You got the look that's all together. Workin', playin', day or night.....BTW..This was my favorite item in Jr. High

The flavor lasts so long long long

Kids eat it up.

Sorry Charlie

How many licks....

The amazing instant pets for the whole family

I am _____ the smartest robot in the world. This one is a hard one I think..but once I saw the commercial while doing research I was like "OHHHHHHHH I wanted one of those..." though..I think Im older then many of you.

_______ a game...It's a game you can play six different ways...


Sunday, May 18, 2008


Never in my wildest dreams would I think that blogging could be both lonely and depressing.


Saturday, May 17, 2008

Open Letter to Reba-Thank You

Is Romance Gone?

I am a sucker for love songs...I have been since I was a very young age. I remember getting the latest Air Supply album and just sitting and listening to it for hours and hours. (Don't laugh at me!)Now before I go songs of the old 80's power ballads are the freaking best!!! In fact I just got done listening to "Every Rose has a thorn".

I sing and sing...and to this day still cry when I see a video or movie that shows a very romantic man. Longing for that romance...that is all I ever wanted was romance, but I know romance has died over the years, or has it. I am cynical..but I just have not seen romance. In fact, I don't think I have ever experienced true romance. I don't even think I have ever experienced someone trying to romance. The closest would be to the men that would try to "romance" me...but that was for what they wanted in the end..aka sex. In fact, the two times I was proposed to..really sucked! The first time...the conversation went something like "Well I love you..I enjoy spending time with you want to get married?"(this all in the middle of the mall McDonalds), then we trotted off to look at rings. I picked out the ring..he put it in layaway(because it was very cheap...). He got it out of layaway a few weeks later, and gave it to me in the car when we made the trip to a fast food place. Wonderful romance! The second time...was right in the middle of SEX!!! Ummm newsflash for men...don't ask a woman to marry you in the middle of sex! I always dreamt it would be something romantic. At a nice restaurant..on the top of a the lake...SOMETHING but not when this man is on top of you!

Don't they have a Romance for Dummies book?? Shouldnt that be on the men's guide for living their life? LOL Ok...before I get the smack down from any of you guys..I know women are just as guilty I'm sure...but not this woman.

I love least what I have seen of it in videos and movies!

So does it exist? Men(which I dont think many/if any of you still read my blog..did I piss ya off or something?) do you do romantical (yes I think I just made that word up) things for the women you date? And if you do....wanna take me out?? LOL Ok..what about you women? Have you ever or do you now date/live with/married to a romantic man? I am just curious if I have hope for when I do actively start looking for love.

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Friday, May 16, 2008

Commenters Commenters...wherefor are thou?

Ok...I know my post two times ago was a BAD attempt at humor....But I thought it was pretty damned funny!

I'm lonely out here in bloggy land. All I do is study, work and deal with Sunshine...Someone entertain me!!!(Oh yeah..I read all your blogs too...)

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Thursday, May 15, 2008

The best fortune cookie ever!

I always read fortune in fortune cookies...laugh or go...WTH?? And toss it aside. The other day I got this fortune...and I gotta tell ya, I smiled the rest of the day.

Ever get a good fortune cookie??

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

100 Posts!!!

Oh my! I hit 100 posts finally! I was getting ready to post about school and it popped up! I feel so special. honor of my 100 posts! I have decided to start a contest!!! BUT it isn't going to be like any other contest you have seen!!! The contest will be...send me a comment of what kind of prize I get for 100 posts. Not only will you be lucky to have given me a prize!!! You will also receive this:

Now...I must also say that the person must paypal me money for shipping before I can send the half drank bottle of water. I'm a poor college student ya know?

Now...what kind of prize are you giving me??? LOL

Disclaimer: Prize awarded in this contest is not the original Aquafina water that was in the is simple tap water that is from the bathroom tap at work, and used for watering my plant. If you wish, send me an additional $5.00 and I will fill the bottle up to the top before sending it out.


Thursday, May 08, 2008

Please say a prayer

I am speechless. My friend, Amber,has a son who has some issues since he was born. Today he had a prelimenary diagnosis that does not look good for her little boy. She posted about it in her blog.

Please pray for little Nate, and for the whole Ferrell family.

You know I am not religious, but if nothing else requires a lot of prayer, this certainly does. Also, please visit her blog and leave her a note of encouragement.

I have known Amber since probably before our girls were born over 2 years ago(if not..than soon after). She has been such an encouragement for me. She is a wonderful photographer, great mom and all around wonderful person. Please lift her up with all your heart.

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The Mothman and me...

Last night I was attacked and blindsided by the Mothman.

After a grueling 3 hour study session on basic chemistry...I went to lay down and relax go to sleep, I was drawn away from my DVR(have I mentioned lately how much I love my DVR?) by a tapping. When I looked up, there was mothman himself. Now, I am not talking a moth...I am talking mothman. He (I assume it was a he...but it could have been a she...)looked down at me and kept tapping on the ceiling trying to annoy meget my attention.

He looked down and me and said..."Hissssssssss you are not allowed to sleep...Hsssssssss...You will stay have no choice".

Ok so he didn't say that...but it sure sounded like that.

I sit there in my cross-eyed from studying state and think..I'll just ignore him and he will go away. Yeah right.

Finally after 10 minutes of staring at him...waiting for him to nose dive straight for my head(because that had to be what he was aiming for..right?)or to wake up Sunrise..It was time to put Mr. Mothman in his place.

I grabbed a random folder fly swatter and looked at him as he nose dived at me. How in the world am I going to get him..he is hanging out on the ceiling...bouncing off of it like he can fly through walls or something, but his magical powers escape him. So I jump on top of the bed...and start dancing around around trying to kill him help him escape. You would think I was a table dancer...reach out over here...reach out over bugger really wanted my head!). At one point I swatted at him...and missed. I know I missed because I saw him, then suddenly he vanished. Yes..he must have found that portal in the ceiling he had been looking for. Either that or he flew under my bed.

Of course my thought was he had to have flown under my bed...because how else would I not sleep all night? All night long I kept waiting to hear him tapping on my ceiling again.

Sooooo Mr. Mothman wherever you are. Please find another bedroom to harass visit, I dont want you here!

Please Prayer for a special lady...

Heather Ledeboer over at Mom 4 Life has just experience the worse nightmare a mother to be could have.

She is just 3 weeks from her due date and they could not find the baby's heartbeat. She is now suffering with her husband and 2 young children with the loss of a child, before it has even experienced it's first breath.

It is so sad and heartbreaking to know such a wonderful family is going through this.

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Saturday, May 03, 2008

Ok..Im standing up for Single fathers to be...

I was watching Dr. Phil from Wednesday...(Have I mentioned I LOVE my DVR?)..

I think this was a sad story for a father. Here was a guy who had a checkered past with drugs and alcohol. He claims to be sober, however, we do not know this for sure.

What was the real sad part was that he got involved with a younger girl. She ended up pregnant. (she was legal though) Without his consent or knowledge she put the baby up for adoption. The family that adopted the baby is a friend of her family, and it is an open adoption. So the mom and the mom's parents can see the baby as they want, the father can not.

While she was pregnant the father made many calls to the mother and tried to be involved. Tried to offer her money, even at one point offered to marry her. (though the marry thing would have been a bad thing if you ask me..). Anyways...there is this little known law in the state that they live that would have helped him..but he had no idea of it. In fact, the mother's lawyer didnt even know it existed until she found it to use it against the father. It is the Putative Father Registry. It turns out that this registry is in 24 other states.

This registry is used for the father to say while the mother is pregnant "Hey I believe Im the father" essentially. This way, before the mother can put the child up for adoption..or any other thing like that..He has a say to get paternity right first.

PLEASE men, if you are with a woman who says she is pregnant with your child(of course, not including in marriage, because that is a whole different law thing)...Sign up with the registry if it is in your state.

If this guy is fit to be a father then why strip him of that right? Just because he made poor decisions in the past, does not mean he is not fit to be a father. Now there is a ton of money being poured into this guys journey just to get the chance to be able to be evaluated to be fit or unfit, so he can see his child.

The parents of the mother of the child were so screwed up in the head. They came up with some crazy stuff. I feel bad for this guy.

What is this is coming from someone who has a child, where the father is/was/will not be involved in her life. But I know my decision was done in the best interest of my child....because of things going on in the present..not because of a past.

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I am an official woman....

I had a date with this machine on Friday for my first exam...

For the men..and those women I know have not had the fortune to meeting this piece of is a mammogram machine.

Yes, I had to go and place a piece of my body between those two plastic things and have it smooshed to beyond all recognition, like a vice. I now understand how one of my friends many years ago complained about getting it done. You see, she was very ummm small in the chest department. She said that it was like pinching a very small pimple and trying to make it pop.(sorry for the wonderful distasteful explaination).

I love getting this done. I thought it was quite funny how they try to treat you with dignity...yet still fondle your breasts. LOL I wasnt offended..I just found it comical that they were trying to be so dignified doing it. That is like one date I had...who after trying so hard not to stare at my breasts all evening, he tried to do the whole "Oops..didnt mean to touch you there" act.

Anyways...yes this was after I had a run in to the OB/GYN...which I will save you the details of that visit. But I do have to say..I LOVE LOVE LOVE my doctor. She is quick and all the while talking to you about meaningless things to distract you. I hope that when I get different insurance, that she will still be on it.

Anyways...I just had to share that I was fondled in extreme ways Friday....I had to endure the wonderfulness of it all...I figured you should too. :)

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Friday, May 02, 2008

Check it out...Post is going to be deleted soon!

I did a 2 year history video of Sunrise, but I took it down since it does contain some personal type stuff in it. For those I know, if you want to see it, let me know and I will send you the link. :)

Thursday, May 01, 2008

What in the world do single men think?

I read a post by MsSingleMom about Craigslist and I decided to check out our local Craigslist..and here are some I found...I guess I should have checked out some of the women too...but come on..I look for men, not women.

"I'm attractive, fit and I have a masters degree. I'd like a safe, monogamous relationship with an attractive female who has her own place and money. I'm not expensive to keep around, I just like to cum several times/day. It works well so I prefer long sexual romps that wear me out for doing much else. " Hmmm...I wish men would understand that women that are worthwhile, do not sit here and think "Heyyyyyy I want a man who wants sex several times a day..that is my main goal in the online dating world", And the whole "who has her own place and money" well..that tells me..Cheapo, married or just for booty calls.

"Just make me do them, as your personal servant ;) it's simple. i'll be in NE Ohio from May until late August and i'd love to find a bossy woman in the area who wants to use me as a slave for free labor. Do you need someone to mow your lawn, do your dishes, and run your errands, but you don't want to spend money paying someone to do it? Just order me to then! What i'm looking for is a demanding woman who has no problem having a slave dynamic with a young male (and who in fact feels she deserves one), and who would rather control and order him to do the mundane things she doesn't want to do rather than waste her time on doing menial tasks and chores. Maybe even have me give you pedicures on a regular basis? Why do them yourself, just show me how you like them done and i'll give you one whenever you want, and you can even save some cash by making me buy the supplies ;) Imagine coming home from a long day at the office exhausted. You plop down on the couch, and call me and tell me to get my ass over immediately. A few minutes later i show up, you have me whip you up a snack, get you your slippers, and proceed to tell me to wash your car, scrub the bathroom, mop the kitchen, anything you don't feel like doing! The only time i'll interrupt your relaxing is when you yell for me to get you another glass of water, some more snacks, or to give you a foot rub for your sweaty exhausted feet. i have pictures and will answer any questions You have happily, and will do anything You want to prove i'm serious. " Ohhhh I even need to comment?

"I've been told I give the best full body massage and I love to show off what my tongue can do. Not seeking recip, just to be your friend and make it all about you. How many guys want to make it all about the woman...that's why I'm different and just what you are looking for. Email me and give me a chance to prove it. I am not looking to date or for a girlfriend or anything romantic, just a very special friendship." Ohhh he is on the top of my list

A man after my own money heart
"I'm pretty good at winning big money as I am very Lucky for some reason or another and I like to play slot machines especially high dollar slots for Big Wins and Also sometimes on the game of Craps I can get my $40 bankroll up to $10,000 or more. I use astrological maps to tell me when to play for better luck."

Get to the point..."Thought i would give this a try my girlfriend left me for another man back four months ago and just been hard trying to find someone else if interested let me know"

Why would a guy title his personal why would a guy title his personal "Don'tjudge a book by its cover!"?

Oh geesh..crazy stuff. What i think is hillarious is that fact that men really think that we (women)care about the fact that they enjoy performing oral, or how long they can last, guy even spoke of how well he can gratify himself. Ummmm why do they think we want to know this??

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