Sunday, August 31, 2008

Fly by Update!

Ok, I am going to give you a run down on what has been goin on for the last week.  It is going to be a real quick flyby because I have so many reads I need to catch up on, and I want to spend as much time as I can with Sunrise today and tomorrow.

1. I am on a 2 week break! WOOHOOO! Finals were Thursday for my A&P2 class. I got a 111%(gotta love extra credit!)on my final.  I finished with a Solid A in the class. 

2. I start back on the 19th. I only have one class one day a week for 8 weeks.  I will be working the other 4 days a week, but only for 6 hours a day.  I plan on spending as much time as I can with Sunrise, because the beginning of November.....All hell breaks loose!  I will have Fundamentals 1 and Microbiology!!!!!  UGHHHH.  But I will be quitting my job.

3. I have been on Effexor XR for depression and PTSD.  This is causing more problems then I realized.  I woke up 4 times last night with bizarre dreams!  Needless to say I am exhausted today!

4. No news on dating...but that is kinda expected with me.  Yeah, I'd like to date, but I don't think right now I need the stress.

5. Sunrise has high testosterone levels for a girl.  She is sprouting hair in places a 2-1/2 year old shouldn't be..not to mention her body odor, and height.  It doesn't sound like it is horrible levels to be real concerned about, but she does have a endocrinologist appointment in October to see what is going to be done, if anything at all.  But the good news shows that she has no tumors, or cysts!  Oh yeah..and her bone age scan shows she is a 4.6 year old.

6. And is a photo of Sunrise taken earlier this month at the water park.


7. Until I get a chance to post again....tata.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

6 Words

One of my all time favorite bloggers, Modern Single Momma , tagged me on a MeMe.  I gotta say first that the reason she is one of my favorites is because I admire her energy and her ability to look at the good in everything(at least from what I seen anyways).  She always has a positive outlook...not to mention she is now sooooooooo in love!  Yay!

Ok..the Meme is 6 words that define your life, and then tag others...

1. Honey(aka Mommy.  Sunrise calls me Honey, because I call her honey....LOL).

2. Student

3. Exhaustion

4 Hopefilled(is that supposed to be 2 words?LOL)

5. Survivor

6. introspect

I gotta admit, for me, this was harder than I expected.

Ok I am going to tag ....littlemansmom , Random Esquire,Snow, Amanda, and Tasha.


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I apologize

For my last post. I realize I have some new readers, and others who may have been offended by my language, but non swearing could not showed how much emotions I have in regards to someone forcing a 2 year old to smoke pot.

Anyways...Yes, I have seen everyones comments! I know some of you are from! I have not been able to head over there to check everyone's blogs out, but I will.

In fact, a little update about school. I have a final next Thursday, then I am off for a week...then the next 8 weeks should be a cake walk. So look forward to seeing more blogging and commenting from me for at least 10 weeks! After the 10 weeks...ughhh starts the REAL work. The HARD stuff. I will be quitting my job at the end of October so I can study more.

Also, one last note...I will be in Columbus Ohio the weekend of October 24. (at least that is the plan right now). If anyone would like to do dinner or drinks let me know! I have a conference to attend, so my daytime might be tied up. I will be there until at least Saturday evening, though if anyone wants to get together Saturday night...I might be able to make the weekend last until Sunday!

Some people can't handle the truth...

WARNING: Bad language ahead!

I wrote this post about the moron who forced a 2 year old to smoke pot. Yes, if you are new...this actually happened. Well, the other day, I received a comment on that post, and I would like to respond to him/her that sent it.

This is a direct copy and paste:

"your still a bitch its people like you that runs your mouth that make me sick"

Hmmm...well first I would like to say that...I know that you are not the asshole that did this, unless you are the girl in the video, which is possible because I dont know if she has been tried. Hm Maybe you are Melvin Blevins...don't they allow internet access??? Ok so if you aren't Melvin the asshole, or the idiot of a female that did this, then you are family...which, the family is just as big of dick heads as Melvin is, ok..I'll give it to you, you could even be friends. Hmm How do I know this??? Well for one..I KNOW you are in the Columbus area...probably closer to Centerville.

Second I'd like to address that I am a bitch. Well...right now, I am sure Mr asshole Blevins is someone's bitchboy, so who is the bitch? And I hope like hell it hurts! He should rot in hell!

Third...STILL??? Hmmm never knew you thought I was a bitch before! Hell...I never knew you knew me before...So call me a bitch...I'm just devistated that you feel this way about me! I don't know if I can sleep tonight, or work, or go to school, so I can have a job that relies on actual LEGAL means...instead of being so freaking brain dead that I have to depend on doing legal activies because I don't have a brain cell left in my in my head.

I make you sick??? GOOD! I hope you vomit and then choke on that vomit!

And finally...since you obviously have NO sense correct English, let me correct your comment for you. It should read:

You're still a bitch. It's people like you who runs their mouth that makes me sick.

Ok...I've vented...and made my point. I hope you come back with something better, because I was thoroughly amused that I actually caught your attention! I feel popular now!

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Saturday, August 16, 2008

This weekend..I promise

This weekend I will blog something...I have a few things I want to address.  One is a mean comment that I am going to expose.

It all has to do with a post, where I called a very horrible man some very bad names...But I do not apologize because he deserves every damn bit of it....Stay tuned.


Oh the way...September 8 starts the new semester, it is suppose to be an easy one..I promise to be around more.  I have been reading blogs, but really haven't had much time to comment. 

Ohhh and welcome to all my new readers!!  I am going to check everyone elses blogs out this weekend too I hope!

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Bear (or is it Bare?) With Me

I am currently peaking over stacks of anatomy and physiology books to post this...I have read everyone's comments...I intend to comment back...and check out the blog of one new reader :) But I am just swamped right now! 

Stay tuned though...I have stories...

I have a foot fetish story...(that is going to drive some people here on the google search! LOL)

I have not so smart computer dad story... all I can think about is antibodies, but I know there are many more...I'll hopefully catch up this weekend...

Stay Tuned....